The Latest Edition of the Knife Center Catalog is Here!

With over 1,800 pages containing more than 700 brands, the 2019 KnifeCenter Printed Catalog is the ultimate reference for all the greatest cutlery and accessories, offering thousands of products that haven’t even made it on to our website yet.


Customers have time and again told us that this is the best thing we sell. You’ll get hours of enjoyment as you leaf through our sections on the hottest knife brands, including Spyderco, CRKT, Cold Steel, Zero Tolerance, Kershaw, and hundreds more. And there are more than just knives. From one piece multi-tools to sharpeners, camping and survival gear, shaving supplies, and more, it is all here in this definitive guide that no enthusiast should be without.

The best part about this catalog is the element of discovery. While shopping on the web is direct and efficient, it is often hard to stumble upon new and exciting things. With every turn of these pages, you’ll find awesome gear that you didn’t even know you wanted.

From Swiss Army Knives to machetes to kitchen gear, give us a call or visit our website for availability and the latest prices, which come in significantly lower than the full retail prices listed in the catalog.

You might be asking why an internet company like Knife Center wants you to have this paper catalog, but the answer is simple: these pages represent a knife industry bible and there is no other resource like it. Nowhere else will you find as many knives, accessories, and cool gear all collected into one, easy to read place.

The Best Last-Minute Gift Ideas

There’s still time! We can get some great Christmas gifts to you that will really “WOW” your friends and family. Be sure to take a look at our holiday shipping calendar for details so you can choose the right shipping option at checkout.

If you’re experiencing the freak out associated with last minute shopping, we’ve got you covered. We have a ton of amazing products that are  and ready to ship. We’ve featured some of our favorite last-minute gift ideas below!


Nail Nippers


Stop browsing and start buying – these Concord Executive Nail and Toe Clippers are only $32.95. Buy now!


Nail nippers are another gift that everyone needs, be it on their keychain or by their bedside. We carry the highest quality nail clippers that are going to guarantee a clean snip every time. If you’re looking for some premium, durable options that will stay sharp, Concord Gentleman’s Accessories has you covered. DOVO, absolutely the best grooming company out there, also has great clipper sets that can be attached to your keychain and cuticle cutters that will keep your nail beds tidy. If you’ve finished up most of your shopping but need a handful of stocking stuffers to divvy up, you can’t go wrong with any of these quality nail nipper sets.


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Free Shipping – This Weekend Only!

For a limited time only, KnifeCenter will offer free shipping on all non-oversized, in-stock, ready-to-ship orders. From premium EDC knives to the best fixed blades to awesome gift options, we’ve got a huge selection of items – just use promo code SANTA at checkout and reap the rewards!


Get it by Christmas with Free Shipping on Orders Over $95

Get it by Christmas with Free Shipping on Orders Over $95

Blade Show 2011

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New CAS Hanwei Military Dadao Sword

CAS Hanwei Military Dadao Sword
New CAS Hanwei Military Dadao Sword

The Dadao is a Chinese military edged weapon from the pre-WWII era. It was used by the Chinese to defend themselves during the Japanese invasion. In fact, the Dadao is credited with holding it’s own against the Katana in a battle at The Great Wall! These authentic reproductions are made by the skilled craftsmen at the Hanwei Forge in China. This is not just art for your wall, either, this sword is built to handle heavy-duty cutting.

See this knife at

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New Cold Steel European Style Swords

Cold Steel European Swords
New Cold Steel European Style Swords

Cold Steel has been making swords for a number of years, but have mainly focused on Asian designs such as the Katana. They have been working this year to complete their offering of battle ready European designs. We are pleased to offer such standards as the Norman sword and the Swept Hilt rapier. And, since they are Cold Steel, you know they have been tested for their ability to take use and abuse!

See these swords at

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Half Machete, Half Sword, All Condor

Condor Bush Cutlass Sword/Machete
New Condor Bush Cutlass Sword Machete!

It has gotten to the point where the only place a man can be swashbuckling is in his own backyard. The clever folks at Condor took their experience making all sorts of machetes, and applied it to a short sword. Now you don’t have to destroy that prized saber when there is Kudzu to hack or bamboo to beat back. The Condor Cutlass is black coated carbon steel with a plastic handle, to keep the cost down and functionality up. Oh yeah… and it is ridiculously fun to use!

See this knife and more at

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United Cutlery Kit Rae Exotath Full Contact Foam Sword

United Cutlery Kit Rae Exotath Full Contact Foam Sword
United Cutlery Kit Rae Exotath Full Contact Foam Sword
United Cutlery has a great, new offering. Those of us that grew up watching sword fights in movies and on TV then tried to have sword fights with everything from tree limbs to Mom’s yardstick. It’s a wonder we didn’t all end up with less eyes and more scars. If only we had these cool, full contact foam weapons from Kit Rae and the folks at United. Realistic looking–and fun to swing about–these are approved for live action roll playing events. You can see them at
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Columbia River Hisshou 13″ YK-30 High-Carbon, High Satin Finished Tanto Blade

Columbia River Hisshou
Columbia River Hisshou 13″ YK-30 High-Carbon, High Satin Finished Tanto Blade
Columbia River Knife and Tool has created a veritable sword in this new combat knife- the Hisshou. It’s a thing of beauty. Columbia River Knife and Tool really is one of the most creative companies in our industry and this item really shows that.
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