Cold Steel Battle Ring Dagger Fixed Blade with Sheath
Cold Steel Battle Ring Dagger Fixed Blade with Sheath
Another great and unique design from the team at Cold Steel Knives. They are an amazing group and we love the new and innovative products that come in from Cold Steel Knives. This ringed dagger is a very deadly knife with a ring on the end for a variety of grip options. Although not huge item, if does have some heft and the wide, double edged blade is awesome. The handle is strong material meticulously shaped for this tool. It comes with a metal bead chain so that you can wear this knife as a neck knife.
The following is Cold Steel’s information and the SPECS:
The ring dagger, with its characteristic ring shaped pommel, has long been regarded as something of an underdog among Western martial artists. It does, however have some distinct and premium advantages that are unsurpassed by any other knife.

The Cold Steel ring dagger, called the Battle Ring™, is distinguished by a short, broad, mirror polished blade with twin edges. Its economical point resembles a shark’s tooth, both in looks and flesh rending capabilities. Yet, it’s our Battle Ring’s Grivory handle and ring that are perhaps its most appealing features. They’ve been precisely shaped and contoured to comfortably accommodate most hands, providing a perch to facilitate the eight different grip options shown here. Plus, the ring is strong enough to be used as a “skull crusher” or for iron knuckle blows.


* Weight: 4.4 oz.
* Blade: 4.5mm
* Blade: 3 1/2″
* Handle: 5 1/2″ Grivory
* Overall: 9″
* Steel: Japanese AUS 8A Stainless