This week’s special is the simple but effective Safe Maker II from Cold Steel. Cold Steel has been making push daggers for 25 years, and those years of experience have been funneled into the Safe Maker 2, yielding a functional, comfortable self-defense tool.

The blade, shaft, and t-shaped tang are all drop-forged from one piece of AUS 8 stainless steel. This process allows for a smooth shaft that’s completely devoid of sharp edges. Between that and the shock absorbing Kray-Ex cover, this feels very comfortable in between the fingers.

Blade is 3.25″ long, which makes this thing extremely compact, especially when compared to the 4.5″ blade on the Safe Maker one. The sleek shape is inspired by traditional Japanese spearpoints, allowing for a razor sharp, efficient blade. The package includes a sheath with belt clip, as well as a steel bead chain for additional carrying options.

Overall, the Safe Maker two benefits greatly from Cold Steel’s years of experience, a satisfying combination of functionality and aesthetics. To learn more about this push dagger, click here. To see our entire inventory visit