Columbia River Lumabiner™ Carabiner Carry Knife and LED Flashlight
Columbia River Lumabiner™ Carabiner Carry Knife and LED Flashlight
We get a lot of interesting items through here and Columbia River Knife and Tool is releasing a lot of them! This new item from their Design works division is awesome. Easy to carry with a usable blade and a handy LED light, it can be all you need in most instances. Open a box, cut a string or find the door key hole in the dark, this tool can help with it all. A super deal for $19.95 and great color choices, too!
Here is the information from Columbia River Knife and Tool:
Yes, Inspired Design works.™

An organically shaped carabiner-carry knife and flashlight.

At Columbia River Knife & Tool® (CRKT®), they’re inspired by great design. CRKT’s I.D. Works™ products are not tools you will find anywhere else. They’re motivated by design that is both inspired and functional, as created 500 years ago by painter, sculptor, architect, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci, who said “observe everything” in nature. They’ve partnered with the best and brightest designers of today who share this vision of putting functional art in your hand. They are organic and ergonomic shapes, sometimes whimsical, always useful. These unique tools make up our growing I.D. Works™ line. Put them to use, enjoy them, and always remember what inspires you!

The Lumabiner™ is another unique carabiner tool designed by Launce Barber and Tom Stokes. It is a folding knife, LED flashlight and carry carabiner available in a variety of cool metallic colors.

It is the intricate design of the Lumabiner cast-aluminum body that makes this tool so distinctive— reminiscent of prehistoric sea creatures— with sinuous curves, gill-like shapes, and rippled friction grooves. When the blade is open, some people see a shark-like nose and eyes.

The 1.625” drop-point blade is high-carbon 7Cr17 stainless steel with a Razor-Sharp edge. Dual thumb studs allow fast opening with either hand. A stainless steel locking liner locks the blade in place, and can be easily released for one-hand closing.

The carry carabiner (non-weight-bearing) has a small detent which locks the carabiner closed for additional carry security when carrying on belt loops, webbing, or equipment D-rings.

Hidden near the nose of the Lumabiner is a bright LED flashlight. Just press the soft little black button to turn it on and off.

This is a handy little knife that belongs in every pocket, purse and briefcase. It has dozens of uses around home and office, plus it makes a very effective key fob flashlight.


* Blade Length: 1.625” (4.1 cm)
* Blade Thickness: 0.08” (0.20 cm)
* Blade Steel: 7Cr17, 54-56 HRC
* Handle Length: 3.375” (8.6 cm)
* Length, blade open: 5.0” (12.7 cm)
* Tool Weight: 1.8 oz. (51 g)
* Batteries: Two CR927 3V Lithium

About the Knife Designer
Launce Barber is dedicated to discovering great design ideas by using the most fundamental tool we all share in common–our creative minds. His focus is to produce innovative and creative design by discovering elegant new solutions for old problems. He feels that it’s very important to partner with individuals and companies that are leaders in their industry and understand and share his long-term vision for a product. Product design is not static even after the product hits the store shelves–it’s dynamic. Launce and his long time engineering partner, Tom Stokes, have won numerous awards for product design including the prestigious international iF Product Design Award–Silver 2004, Most Innovative Import Design of the Year–Blade Magazine 2003, Best in Show–SHOT Show 2003, Best Buy of The Year–Blade Show & International Cutlery Fair 2007, SHOT Show’s Best–Army Times 2007. Launce wants everyone to hold onto their dreams–some just take more time than others. Launce’s design collaborations and vision brought life to the I.D. Works line.