This weekend our many specials include these two affordable machetes from Condor. The Thai Enep machete comes in a durable leather sheath with swiveling belt loop for ease of carry. Snap that open and withdraw the machete with grace and precision. The 18” high carbon steel blade has an epoxy black powder coating, and clocking in at just over 2 pounds its weight and traditional shape lends the machete a very ergonomic balance. The smooth wooden handle feels comfortable in the hand, but when hacking through the South American jungle your sweaty palms may tend to slip.

The Thunderhead machete addresses this risk with its textured high impact propylene handle, tapered with a bulb on the end to enhance your grip. The 16” blade is also coated high carbon steel, though its tear-drop shape feels a little top-heavy when compared to the Thai Enap, despite weighing less than 2 pounds. The double-edged design will make quick work of your frenzied hacking, but requires extra caution if you’re the kind of person who values intact extremities. This machete also comes with its own leather case.

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