This week on Warehouse Hunts it’s pistols at dawn! Or approximately 3:45 PM, but whatever. With Halloween less than a week away we know plenty of people are going to be looking to accessorize their costumes, and we’ve got you covered with all kinds of cool props.

First up, I spy… quite a bit better with this telescope than with just my little eye. This leather-wrapped, brass three-sleeve telescope not only looks authentically sea-faring, but it actually works. Adjust the length of the telescope to focus up your image and you can see quite a fair distance. This is a really fun accessory for kids and adults alike.

Next up we’ve got an accessory that is also technically functional, if in a slightly less exciting way: this reproduction powder horn. Made of wood and genuine steer horn, this thing really adds that air of authenticity to any period gunslinger get-up. The plug is actually removable too, so you could store anything you want in there, from gunpowder to Sweet & Low.

When it comes to gun-related accessories it doesn’t end there. This Civil War era leather holster with belt loop and genuine antique closure style boasts a very high quality construction. We’ve also got dummy shells for western pistols. This set of six is a great-looking recreation, just don’t try to fire them out of anything or you’re not going to have a great time.

Now I know you were worried we were just teasing you with all these firearm related accessories, but don’t you worry. Next up we have guns… lots of guns. Collector’s Armory makes a lot of super cool period pistol replicas. These are all really high quality for the price point, each one manufactured in Spain. They’ve got a ton of variety in flintlocks, with a Pirate pistol, 1700’s German style, English dueling Flintlock, and an elegant 18th Century Belgian design. All of these can be cocked and fired. Just don’t expect sparks or, y’know… a bullet. There are plenty of other varieties too, like this double-barreled Derringer. This pistol also mock-fires, and you can flip the barrels up to make a show of loading your weapon. These are all a lot of fun to play with, just ask anybody who’s walked past my desk today.

If you feel some of the more realistic props are inappropriate for your child’s trick-or-treating purposes, we’ve got a couple of simple wooden swords that should fill the bill. We have two varieties on hand, an Excalibur broad sword and a pirate’s cutlass. Not suitable for actual swashbuckling, but they’ll derring-do for your costuming needs.

For our last item let’s shake things up a little bit with this Z-Hunter Zombie face-mask. This gruesome ghoul is made from a cream resin, which makes it a little heavy to wear for those of us who skip neck day at the gym, but it can be done. Fortunately it comes with hardware for wall-mounting, lending any room that undead flare.

Overall, what we’ve looked at here is just a small selection of the costume props and accessories we have available. To see the full variety of products available, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit