This week on Spotlight Series we’re taking a look at the new Obake Skoshi fixed blade from Columbia River Knife & Tool. The original Obake, designed by Lucas Burnley, has proven to be a very popular knife for CRKT, and this model carries all those same aesthetic traits into an all-new low-profile package.

The appearance is inspired by classic Japanese designs, featuring a straight-back, full-tang blade with hollow grind. Some lovely acid etching gives the blade a really attractive finish that is equal parts classical and modern. Skoshi is a contraction of the Japanese word Sukoshi, which translates to “a little bit” – a perfect qualifier for this particular knife. Whereas the original Obake had a blade length of 3.64″, the blade on the Skoshi is a compact 2.4″.

The handle is styled after the Katana, with a faux ray-skin texture wrapped with Nylon cord, making for an exceptional no-slip grip. The handle is of course quite small, and perhaps a bit too small for my taste, but it’s quite a comfortable, secure hold nevertheless. Even in larger hands the knife never feels like it’s in any danger of slipping or dropping.

As with the original, the Skoshi features a glass-reinforced nylon sheath with an attachable belt clip. The knife slots into the sheath extremely securely thanks to this notch at the end, and the low-profile makes for an unobtrusive carry. The Obake was designed to be carried discreetly inside the waistband for immediate access, and as such features a nylon lanyard to keep the sheath attached to your belt after drawing. The lanyard sports a cool little skull bead as a nice accent in this sea of black.

Overall, CRKT’s Obake Skoshi takes everything you loved about Burnley’s original Obake and scales it down for a compact, capable fixed blade that makes for an easy and stylish EDC. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit