Our special this weekend are these Tao tactical pens from CRKT, available in an olive drab or a matte black with silver accents. They come in this really nice hard nylon case with a foam cushion.

The pens are made of a hard anodized 6061 aluminum, making them remarkably sturdy. They are of course a functional writing utensil, taking a Fisher Space Pen Ballpoint cartridge, a pressurized design made by NASA to hold up in all manner of harsh environmental conditions. We’ve got plenty of Fisher refills in stock too, so this pen is going to last you a long time.

The Tao also serve a secondary function as a self-defense weapon. Designed by martial artist and award-winning knife-designer Allen Elishewtiz, they offer three levels of defensive force. The lowest is the crown on the top of the screw-off cap. This more blunt end is meant to show an attacker that you mean to seriously defend yourself while causing them minimal damage.

The second level is the more pointed butt of the pen, meant to be used in thrusts at various pressure points if your attacker is not dissuaded. Finally, the writing end was designed with the capability to pierce soft tissue should the situation get out of control.

These Tao tactical pens from CRKT are a really great writing utensil with a pretty robust self-defense application. To learn more about these bad boys, click here. To see our entire inventory visit knifecenter.com