This weekend our special is a little blast from the past – the Wasp folder from Columbia River Knife & Tool. The Wasp is a production adaptation of knifemaker Howard Viele’s classic Vasp, and as an entry-level knife represents a comfortable mix of easy functionality and elegant artistry.

Wasp is an accurate name for this one given the rather unique shape of the handle, which resembles the abdomen of the fierce insect. The handle is comprised of a pair of thick stainless steel liners, over which sit some pretty groovy blue and black G10 scales. This gives the knife a distinct aesthetic, without having to sacrifice on ergonomics. There’s a good hand feel to this model, with the shape flowing well with the palm and fingers, and there’s a subtle index finger indent and thumb ramp, granting fine control.

The blade is deployed using the removable thumb-stud, which has a rubber tip for extra purchase. The positioning of the stud makes it a little difficult to reliably flick the blade out quickly, but it offers a very smooth slower deployment. The blade is a 3″ drop point with a hollow grind, easily identifiable as a Viele by the three holes along the top edge. Both the blade and the stainless steel liners have a clean bead blast finish, which I always enjoy. The blade is held in place by a liner lock, and when it’s closed down you’ll note that there’s actually pretty nice centering on this model.

The final feature worth mentioning here is the pocket clip, which is ultra slender and low profile. It’s a really comfortable carry, the only thing I’m not super fond of is how much the knife sticks out above the pocket line – though that does make it really easy to draw quickly.

All-in-all, the Wasp is a really nice collaboration between Viele and CRKT, and the current pricing makes it a dynamite EDC for people who want something with a little classic flair. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit