This week on Warehouse Hunts we’re looking taking a look at DPx Gear’s HEST II Assault fixed blade knife. This DPx Gear design was manufactured in Italy by LionSteel, so you can be certain the materials are of the finest quality.

The HEST II is a high-end, short-run version of the original HEST. The drop-point blade and the tang are made from 60HRC Sleipner tool steel. This makes it easier to sharpen, but also more prone to oxidization, so it must be taken proper care of. The handle is hollow to allow for the storage of survival materials like fire starter or water purification tablets.

HEST stands for Hostile Environment Survival Tool, and that’s exactly what this knife is. Beyond just the razor sharp blade, this knife sports a host of useful tools to help you on your wilderness escapades. There’s a pry bar, hex driver, wire strippers, and finally a bottle opener for when you give in to despair.

The handle on the original version of the HEST II has removable American G10 scales in black. This fills the hand very comfortably and feels quite solid to wield. DPx has also made it available with a paracord wrapped handle, which is an even more comfortable hold, though it feels just a little bit slicker. As a KnifeCenter exclusive we’re excited to offer the paracord in a stylish neon orange, perfect for hunting season.

Included in the package is a Cordura sheath with belt loop. All models with the paracord handle also include the G10 scales in case you ever feel compelled to swap them out.

The HEST II from DPx Gear is a fantastic fixed-blade option for those who are seeking a little additional functionality in their knife. To learn more about the models featured in this video, click here. To see all the HEST II varieties we have available, click here. To see out full inventory visit