This week on Spotlight Series we’ve got a brand new tactical spin on ESEE’s best-selling IZULA knife, the Tertiary push dagger. A little bit of a departure from their usual output of outdoor-oriented knives, The Tertiary was developed by SWAT officer Lee Smith to serve as a law-enforcement or military defense tool.

Tertiary means third in order or level, which refers to an edged weapon’s place in the chain of personal weapons. Traditionally a closed-quarters weapon like a knife comes after the primary firearm and back-up firearm. As such, the Tertiary was designed to be easily concealed in the waistband and drawn quickly and efficiently, offering that final defense for when all else fails.

A quick glance over the knife reveals many of the aesthetic hallmarks of the IZULA, from the overall blade shape to the size and styling of the handle. This offers up one of the more comfortable push dagger grips I’ve handled, especially if you opt for the model with the included G10 scales. It’s a wonderfully ergonomic grip which means is does not require substantial training or effort to generate tremendous cutting power with punch, jab, or hammer fist strikes.

The blade on this model is just abou t3″ long, with a 2.5″ cutting edge on the bottom and about 1.25″ on top. The benefit of ESEE’s rugged IZULA build and drop point blade shape is that this a more practical knife for utilitarian applications than your typical push dagger. Other welcome features are the traditional ESEE friendliness towards paracording and MOLLE compatibility, not to mention the fact that everything here, knife to sheath, is completely ambidextrous.

All-in-all, the Tertiary is a terrific package for military or law enforcement officers, as well as anybody who’s drawn to the push dagger style but needs a knife they can actually use on a day-to-day basis. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit