It’s Week 2 of our Father’s Day Gift Guide and we’re looking at some products to help Dad shave smarter this summer.

Now a truly good shave starts even before the razor meets skin; it starts with a great shave soap. This shea butter-enriched soap, from Pré de Provence of France, is a nice alternative to typical canned shaving creams, which often contain irritating and suspect ingredients. The five-and-a-quarter ounce tin is attractive and the sage fragrance is fantastic.

Of course, the easiest way to utilize a bar shaving soap is with a badger hair brush like this one from Colonel Conk. The brush helps to produce a rich lather and prime the hair for shaving. You can either mix the lather right in the tin, or pop the bar into a shave mug for an extra bit of atmosphere and ceremony.

For those looking to get the closest possible shave, I would highly recommend looking into a quality safety razor – the German company Merkur, for example, is a popular razor brand. The style stands as a nice mid-point between the run of the mill disposable blade and the intimidating Sweeney Todd-ness of a full on straight razor. And while there is still a degree of finesse involved in using a safety razor, I have found the benefits of a closer and less irritating shave to be completely worthy of the small learning curve. What’s more, you’ll actually spend less on shaving products after the initial razor purchase thanks to the affordability of replacement blades, which can be had for a fraction of the price of disposable cartridges.

After the shave comes the after-shave, a crucial step in rehydrating the skin you just scraped away at with a sharpened metal flake. There are many great post-shave balms on the market; as with the soap, try to look for one with natural and soothing ingredients.

Now, for some guys out there “clean-shaven” is as good as a curse word, and their eternal whiskers require a different type of care. For the bearded and mustached faithful we have wax, trimming scissors, combs, and even specialized oils to keep their scruff up to snuff.
So there you go: a few quality products to give dad a great shave from start to finish. You can see the entire list of products mentioned by clicking here, and check out our entire Father’s Day Gift Guide here.