This weekend our special comes from Gerber’s Bear Grylls line of knives, the Grandfather Knife. This take on the classic camp knife is so named because its design is based on a knife Bear’s grandfather carried in World War II, which he then passed down to Bear’s father who passed it on to him.

Those of you who know their camp knives will notice right away that this is a little slimmer than is traditional, and the handle is an overmolded rubber. There’s some nice texture on the rubber making this a pretty secure hold when the blade is extended. The attractive brass details give the appearance just a little bit of flare.

This has a solid 2.5″ blade with a fine edge, so you’ll be able to get some nice clean cuts. Besides the knife this boasts five other tools: a bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver, a file, a Philips head screwdriver, and a corkscrew. There’s also a lanyard ring on this model.

Overall, the Bear Grylls Grandfather knife manages to pack a ton of great functionality into an affordable package. Expect reasonable quality in materials and build, but keep your expectations in line with an item under $20. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit