This week our steal comes from HTM Knives, working in collaboration with custom knifemaker Dirk Pinkerton. This USA-made BroadHead neck knife is a low-profile, lightweight tool that makes for a perfect self defense back-up.

The knife is made from a single piece of 6AL4V aircraft titanium that’s just a hair over a tenth of an inch thick and weighs in at less than an ounce. The pleasing symmetrical design sports some rugged jimping on both sides as well as a skeletonized grip traction system on the handle. Between that extra purchase and the inch wide finger hole, handling on this is very secure. You have two solid grip options, either a forward grip with your index finger through the hole, or a reverse grip with your pinkie through the hole. Both are perfectly comfortable, so your preference will depend on your own training and the specific scenario.

The design tapers gently into the tip, which is razor sharp to enable excellent penetration. That said, unlike certain other push knives there is no blade here, as the sides haven’t been ground down to a sharp edge. This is strictly a puncture tool that wasn’t designed with slicing or other functionalities in mind.

Included is a Kydex sheath with a cool faux carbon fiber pattern, which the knife slots into very securely. The attached bead chain is rated to withstand 20 pounds of pressure, making this perfectly equipped if you do want to use it as a neck knife, though it’s so compact you could just as easily carry it in your pocket or basically anywhere else.

With a smartly utilitarian design and an ultra low profile, HTM’s Dirk Pinkerton broadhead neck knife is a more than capable self defense tool. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit