Innovative New Mini-Gun Design Flashlight from Fenix

Fenix Minigun Flashlight
Innovative New “Mini-Gun” Flashlight from Fenix

This light is over the top. It looks odd, kinda like a three headed monster, but it allows so much more functionality as well as improved heat dispersion. The three heads allow for three levels of output, from 8 lumens to 760 lumens, with runtimes from 232 hours down to 2 hours accordingly. There are also 3 strobe modes available. All of this in a waterproof light that runs on standard AA batteries. How cool is that?

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More information from Fenix:

The Fenix TK45 features three lighting heads inspired by the appearance of a mini-gun. It throws a max 760 lumens output by utilizing three Cree XP-G R5 LED’s, much brighter than a 10W HID light, and comparable to a car headlight, making the TK45 a miracle in medium sized flashlights.

The TK45 is powered by 8 AA batteries and offers four levels of brightness plus three flashing modes. With a max of 232 hours of runtime and easy operation of the sidewinder dual switch system, the TK45 is your best option for outdoor searching, caving, off-roading, etc.

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