Jani Song Folders from Blackhawk

Jani-Song Folder
Janich, the master knife fighter
, has designed a brilliant new folder working off a principle similar to butterfly knives. It turns out to be easier to use and just as fast and even more fun. The new knife series is called the “Janisongs” and they are spectacular from Blackhawk.
The Jani-Song is an entirely new concept in high-speed, one-handed folding knives
Designed by noted edged-weapons expert Michael Janich, its unique mechanism consists of a blade, an inner handle, and an outer handle, all joined by a central pivot pin. When the handles are rotated to expose the blade, a locking pin in the tang engages both handles and locks the blade securely in place. This construction not only results in a super-strong lock-up, it also allows the knife to be quickly opened and closed in a variety of ways—just like a traditional Filipino balisong—but even safer.
Built on a framework of solid stainless steel liners, the Jani-Song boasts a 3.400-inch spear point D2 tool steel blade. It also features a sliding ambidextrous safety and pocket clip for secure, convenient carry and instant access.

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