This weekend our special is this hearty sawback machete from Timberline’s Javelin line of products. With a durable full-tang construction, a comfortable molded handle, and a price tag under $20, this is a totally terrific tool to keep in your arsenal.

The handle is zytel with some soft rubber patches enabling an excellent no-slip grip. The shape is about as ergonomic as it gets, with indents for all four fingers and a nice row of rubber grips up on top for your thumb to rest on. It’s a comfortable, secure grip that’s going to enable using the machete for lengthy periods of time without fatigue. This is aided by the excellent weight and balance. There’s a good heft to this model, but it manages to avoid feeling top-heavy or unwieldy.

The blade is fifteen inches of stainless steel with a black oxide coating, in a flat ground tanto shape. The blade is not very sharp as this isn’t intended for slicing tasks, and that will prevent the edge from getting marred when hacking heavier branches. One of the big benefits here is the aggressive sawback on the spine. These are long, jagged teeth that are going to let you make quick work of your minor sawing tasks. The full-tang construction makes way for a protruding pommel at the butt of the handle for marking or smashing.

The machete comes packaged with a nylon sheath that hangs comfortably from your belt for swift access. Often with sawback tools like these you can experience difficulty with a quick draw, but in this case you’re looking at a smooth, easy motion.

All-in-all, Timberline’s Javelin sawback machete offers great functionality and high durability for a super affordable price. To learn more about this item, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit