Today on Steal of the Week we’re going to be looking at something everybody should keep in their car: a rescue folder. It’s the time of year when accidents are both more frequent and more deadly, so having one of these in your console could prove to be the difference between life and death, as melodramatic as that may sound. We’re going to use the Kershaw Funxion EMT to go over some of the basic features of a rescue folder. It’s worth noting that I have no training as an EMT and I assume most of our viewers won’t either, so we’re looking at this more from a civilian perspective.

The primary feature on all of these is obviously going to be the blade. As with a lot of rescue folders, the Funxion has an assisted opening action to launch the blade out lightning fast, because if you end up needing to use this speed is of the essence. This blade also has an aggressive 2-step serration, which is of course going to be preferred for cutting seatbelts, clothing, or cord. A heavily textured no-slip grip is common given the tendency to use these tools in wet or icy conditions.

That’s about the bare minimum you can expect, now what are some of the more specialized features of a rescue folder? Almost all of them come equipped with a carbide glassbreaker tip, perfect for smashing windows in a vehicular submersion when pressure doesn’t allow the window or door to be open. Most also include a fold out seatbelt cutter to help free yourself as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are various other commonly seen tools, like a hex bolt wrench or flathead screwdriver. While not present on the Funxion, a lot of models will even feature more elaborate features like an oxygen tank key.

One of the cool, more unique things about this particular knife is its carry options. It has the requisite pocket clip, enabling a right hand, tip-down carry, but it ALSO features a fold out carabiner to let you clip it to your belt loop or somewhere within easy reach on your console. As an interesting safety feature, when the carabiner is extended, the blade is locked in the closed position to limit the possibility of accidental engagement.

There are a lot of different rescue folders available from brands like Boker, Spyderco, Benchmade, and Smith and Wesson, but the Kershaw Funxion EMT is a great entry-level model with some solid functionality. You can click here to learn more about the Funxion, or click here to see our full range of rescue folders. To see our entire inventory, visit