This time on Steal of the Week we’re responsible for more Leeks than Edward Snowden. The Kershaw Leek is one of Ken Onion’s most famous, best-loved designs, and the wide variety available within the line makes it an enticing option for first-timers.

The most striking thing about this knife initially is its extremely slim profile, which makes it one of the most comfortable folders you can carry. The slender frame and complete lack of hotspots let it virtually disappear in your pocket, and the large pocket clip holds nice and tight. The clip is reversible to allow your choice of tip-up or tip-down carry on the right hand side.

The Leek’s extreme slimness doesn’t stop it from being a comfortable hold, though. The long, narrow handle has an ergonomic shape that feels good in either a forward or reverse grip. The smooth shape means there isn’t much in the way of grip beyond some jimping at the base of the blade, but you never feel like you aren’t in control of this knife.

Blade is deployed one of two ways, using either the dual thumb studs or the flipper. The SpeedSafe assisted opening action ensures a swift, snappy action either way, but I suspect the flipper is going to be the preferred method for most due to the ease-of-use. The blade is a 3″ modified drop point, great for both slicing and piercing tasks. For those with rougher cutting in mind, Kershaw produces a combo blade version as well. On the Leeks with stainless steel handles the blade is locked in place with a frame lock, while the models with aluminum handles, like these colorful anodized ones, have a liner lock instead. There’s also a safety switch at the butt of the handle to keep the blade from being deployed when you don’t want it to be.

The other really cool thing about the Leek is the sheer variety of styles available. Of course you have the classic look with the full bead blast finish, as well as the ever-present tactical black finish. Beyond those more basic variations you have the aforementioned anodized titanium color models, Damascus blades, a really wild rainbow finish, and that’s not even all of it. There’s enough variety to whip serious collectors into a frenzy.

With its sleek design, high functionality, and ease-of-carry, the Kershaw Leek is one of the quintessential EDC blades. To learn more about these knives, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit