Our special this weekend is the Ken Onion Limited Edition Fillet Knife from Stratus Culinary. Stratus typically makes products designed for kitchen use, and while this is no exception its construction has been beefed up to allow also for more strenuous outdoor use. This USA-made fixed blade is a KnifeCenter exclusive and limited to only 150 pieces.

The sleek blade shape and its black DLC finish make this a really attractive knife. Those in the knife community will instantly recognize this as being designed by Ken Onion, and the blade bears a screen printed Ken Onion signature. The blade style is perfectly complemented by the polished G10 handle. In the interest of gearing this knife towards outdoor use it comes with a stylish USA made leather sheath with belt loop. Big points for the general presentation on everything here.

Blade is 6″ long, but with a 6.25″ cutting edge thanks to the upswept fillet style. The blade is constructed from BD1N nitrogen steel and boasts a Rockwell hardness of 63, so you won’t be needing to sharpen this one very often.

Ken Onion’s signature drop handle style allows for fantastically ergonomic handling. Since the G10 is polished it doesn’t really afford any textured grip, but it’s not necessary thanks to the control bump here towards the front of the handle. This bump ensures that everybody’s going to get the same secure, precise grip with their forefinger and thumb, regardless of their hand size. The hold provided by that shape enables a very nice slicing angle.

With a limited-run Ken Onion design and a remarkably solid construction, this fillet knife is perfect for all manner of outdoor applications, and the only place you can find it is right here at KnifeCenter. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit knifecenter.com