This week on Warehouse Hunts we’re taking a look at our LifeHammer line of products. LifeHammer launched twenty five years ago with the original safety hammer, and they’ve been putting out vehicle safety products ever since.

First up we have the classic LifeHammer in a glow in the dark orange. The primary feature on this is of course the double-sided steel-tipped hammerhead. Striking the hammer into the corner of a car window will shatter it, aiding escape in a vehicle entrapment scenario. Built into the handle is a seatbelt cutter, as it’s advised that you free yourself from your seat before attempting to shatter the window or perform any other tasks. The classic LifeHammer comes with a holder featuring four retractable pins to insert into your carpet, letting you make sure the tool is always safely in reach.

Next up we have the revamped LifeHammer PLUS. The PLUS has the same steel-tipped hammer and integrated seatbelt cutter, now with a more durable and ergonomic handle than ever before. The non-slip grip and conical shape of the handle make this the most reliable version of the LifeHammer yet. This model also comes with a mount, which clamps onto a narrow surface in your car. The hammer then simply and quickly clips in, making this a good deal easier to draw in an emergency situation than the Classic.

Despite the company name, LifeHammer makes more than just, well… the LifeHammer. They also manufacture general vehicular safety products. This reflective safety vest was designed to lie flat under the carpet of a car, to be taken out and worn to aid visibility in an emergency. The Safety Belt solution lets children and adults alike ride more comfortably by directing the seatbelt away from the neck, while still maintaining the seatbelt’s integrity as a safety device. Look how much happier this cartoon child looks with his.

While these are primarily products that you hope you never need, you’ll definitely be glad you have them if the time comes. To learn more about the full line of LifeHammer products, click here. To see our full line of products, visit