This week on Spotlight Series we’re taking a look at LionSteel’s new KUR line of flippers. This Michele Pensato design has awesome ergonomics, a sleek appearance, and even manages to offer up a surprise or two.

Looking at the knife, the design is very similar to last year’s TRE flipper series. The KUR is quite a bit larger, with an overall length of 8.27″ as opposed to the TRE’s 6.89″. The KUR’s beefy frame makes it feel very substantial in the hand, and the overall shape of the handle lends it outstanding ergonomics. The index finger milling on the presentation scale is an especially nice touch. There’s also some pretty rugged jimping up on top that lets you really lock your thumb in.

Deployment is managed using the flipper, and the IKBS ball-bearing system gives it a pleasantly snappy action. The flipper isn’t ultra responsive, so you need to press down with some authority to get the action you want. It’s definitely satisfying, and leaves little danger of accidental deployment. The blade is a drop point manufactured from Sleipner stainless steel, coming in at 3.43″. LionSteel is always good about making their liner locks nice and sturdy, and the KUR is certainly no exception.

For the aesthetically-minded among us, there are a lot of great style options to choose from in this line. Most of the models feature a stonewash blade finish, but there are two that have a tactical black stonewash finish, available with either black or brown G10 handles. The stonewash blade finishes come with black, orange, or OD green G10 scales, as well as two aluminum handle variations. The first is a basic black, and the second also appears to be black at first blush. But what you’re looking at is metamorphosis aluminum, which features a special heat-sensitive coating. Under normal room temperatures it’s a black handle, but once it hits over 73 degrees Fahrenheit it starts to change to a bright camouflage pattern. I’m not sure if there are any practical applications to this, but it’s an undeniably cool feature and the first of its kind.

All-in-all, the KUR series was manufactured with LionSteel’s unparalleled Italian craftsmanship, and they’ve augmented an already great design by offering up a staggering amount of variety, including an innovative new handle technology. To learn more about these knives, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit