This week we’re spotlighting the LionSteel TRE series of folders. Being LionSteel the knives are of course constructed in Italy, and they’re as attractive as they are functional.  There’s definitely a reason they won Bladeshow 2015’s overall knife of the year.

TRE stands for Three Rapid Exchange, which refers to the three different ways you can customize your carry. The knife features a first-of-its-kind detachable flipper, which represents one of the three available set-ups. You can remove it with the included tool, and replace it with the ambidextrous thumb stud. The third set-up is to leave both off, making this a two-handed opener.

Blade on these guys is just under three inches long, made from M390 stainless steel. The flipper action is very smooth and satisfying thanks to the IKBS ball bearing pivot system, giving a nice, fast deployment. Blade is held secure by the titanium frame lock.

The matte gray titanium handle is available in four varieties, a complete gray, or with blue accents, bronze accents, or a carbon fiber face scale. The general shape and index finger indentation let it sit in the hand very comfortably. With the exception of the carbon fiber model there isn’t a tremendous amount of grip here, but it’s enough to make you feel in control of the knife. All four of these models feature a reversible pocket clip.

Overall, the TRE series from LionSteel is a really outstanding line, offering a terrific package with a lot of exciting personalization options. To learn more about this series of knives, click here. To see our entire inventory visit