This week on Warehouse Hunts we’re going to keep the Halloween trend going by looking at two lines of micro flashlights from LRI. The Freedom Micro and Photon Micro-Light II are small and easy to use, making them perfect for keeping your Trick or Treaters on the lighted path.

Both these models are about the same size as a quarter and have a keyring, so they’re unobtrusive and always at the ready. The batteries are replaceable and rated to run 18 hours, so you’re going to be able to get plenty of use out of your micro-light. They each shine 4.5 lumens which while not the brightest makes for pretty solid visibility. Both lines are available in a wide variety of beam colors that serve different purposes. The most popular colors are the white which provides full-color illumination, and the red which preserves your night vision. There’s also a purple that provides a black light effect, a night vision green, and more. In honor of the holiday we’ve opted here for a spooky Halloween orange.

The Freedom Micro-Light has a simple push button, press once and the light stays on, press again to turn it off. One of the cool things about it is the capability to vary the brightness. When it’s turned off, hold the button and the light will slowly fade up. Stop at your desired brightness and the light will stay at that level until you turn it off. Similarly, holding the button when the light is on will dim the light down. Continuing to hold the light will activate one of the various strobing modes. Pressing the button several times in rapid succession puts the light into a mode where it will only stay on for as long as you hold the button down. The Freedom also includes a lanyard for neck wear, as well as a hat clip that the light slots into to turn it into a little headlamp.

The Photon Micro-Light II doesn’t have the accessories or feature any brightness controls or strobing. Press and hold the button and the light stays on, release the button and the light turns off. Simple. What makes this one cool is the little switch on top of the button. This lets you keep the light switched on without having to constantly squeeze, and it will stay on until you deactivate the switch. In my opinion a pretty great feature, which makes it my personal favorite of the two. It’s a much more intuitive way to switch between the two illumination modes than the Freedom’s method. Now let’s go ahead and switch off the lights so I can show you how these work in total darkness.

As you can see, this is a surprisingly bright and effective beam. LRI makes multiple colors of LED, each with a different benefit to them. The good thing about an orange light is terrific visibility, like the red it won’t disrupt your night vision as much as something like the white or the yellow.

Overall, these are really nice compact lights with a lot of functionality, perfect for arming your kids with before they go tromping around the neighborhood on All Hallow’s Eve. To learn more about our range of Micro-Lights, click here. To see our entire inventory visit