Our steal this week is a something a little different from Mantis Knives. Ever been at a party and needed to open a beer, and also cut open a box, all while looking very cool? Well then this Bottleneck Bali-Song style keychain knife is going to fill a very specific void in your life.

This unique gadget was Mantis Knives’ first ever collaboration with Gavin and Grant Hawk of Hawk Designs, and they really went out there on this one. In the closed position you’ve got a nice, sturdy bottle opener with a handy pocket clip on the side. Squeeze to compress the integrated handle springs, unlatch, and flip it open like a Bali-Song to reveal the blade.

Blade on this guy is just a hair under 2″ and made of 400 series stainless steel. We’ve never seen a blade quite like this one, with its double cutting edge and what Mantis calls a wicked dual tip. We have two color options on this model, one that was bead-blasted then stonewashed to give it a little bit of that worn-in look, as well as a simple tactical black.

In addition to the pocket clip, the handles have a slot machined into them, allowing you to clip the tool on your key-ring when not in use. The two options give you a nice degree of carry versatility with this gizmo.

As crazy as it seems at first glance, the Mantis Bottleneck Key-Chain Knife is a pretty handy device to have on you for when the party breaks out. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit knifecenter.com