Our steal this week is the Snaggletooth line of folders from Mantis Knives. Mantis always puts out high quality, unique items and I can all but guarantee that you’ve never seen a knife like this before.

When closed, the profile is relatively unassuming. But it doesn’t take too much fiddling before you realize this is actually a Karambit. A push of the button here on the butt of the handle releases the patented spring-loaded finger ring. This is a knife that was designed with knife-fighting in mind, the blade protrusion serving double duty as a non-lethal impact device.

The handle has basically the same ergonomic curve you expect in a Karambit and fits nicely in the hand. The black G10 scales have a repeating shark tooth shape cut into them that lends a tremendous amount of additional grip. Some pretty aggressive jimping up at the top gives your thumb a real hold. There’s also jimping on the top of the blade to lend you grip when the blade is closed down.

Blade is a 2.75″ long modified drop-point, made from MvX stainless steel. We’ve got three different blade variations on this model, the standard, serrated, or a standard with a black oxide coating. Blade is meant to be deployed during combat by drawing it across your opponent, so deployment is a little awkward if you’re like me and are not a trained assassin. It’s nothing that will give karambit enthusiasts any real trouble, though. Blade is kept firmly in place via the liner lock.

The Snaggletooth has a nice sturdy pocket clip that lets the knife ride very securely, and that collapsible finger ring means this is going to sit much more comfortably than a karambit has any right to.

Overall, the Snaggletooth line from Mantis Knives is a really excellent everyday carry option if you’re looking for a concealable folding knife with serious self-defense applications. To learn more about this product, click here. To see our entire inventory visit knifecenter.com