This week we’re training the spotlight on some of our high-quality offerings from Marfione Custom Knives. Marfione customs come from knifemaker Anthony Marfione, founder of Microtech. These are beautiful knives that exhibit the finest craftsmanship across the board.

The amount of pride taken in these products really shows on something like the Anax. The 3.75″ blade is made from Elmax steel and has a beautiful tri-tone stonewash finish. Handle is one solid piece of carbon fiber, except of course the framelock. You’ve got to appreciate that. That’s not to mention the finer details too, like the inlaid Tritum ampule to help you pick the blade out in the dark. Just a fantastically constructed knife.

And Marfione isn’t afraid to go overbuilt either, like this Apocalyptic Star Lord flipper. This beefy son of a gun also has a 3.75″ Elmax blade, but this time super wide and sporting Tony’s apocalyptic finish. As is the 6A14V titanium handle. Despite the size and weight, the action on this knife is about as smooth as you can get.

There’s great variety from these guys, too. They’ve got automatics like this Desert Tactical Ultratech, which has an unbelievably powerful deployment system. There are also more unique items like this Assailant titanium credit card knife. For as low-profile an item as this it’s got great functionality, with a razor sharp knife, a bottle opener, and a ton of jimping around the edges to make for a superb grip.

And if you’re feeling really extravagant they’ve got absolutely stunning offerings, for example this exquisite Sigil flipper with a mirror finish blade and dragon koi handle engraving. It doesn’t get much nicer than that.

Overall, Marfione is a brand that has become known as a reliable source of top-tier custom knives. To check out our full line of Marfione Custom Knives, click here. To see our full inventory visit