This time on Warehouse Hunts we’re taking a look at our selection of Mercworx products. Mercworx is a terrific brand for combat knives, and one little known outside the operative community. Their blades go all-in on function without sacrificing form, each specialty knife made by one artisan from beginning to end. Here we’ve got three different examples to highlight the range of products they offer.

First up is the Shiva Combat Dagger. This version boasts a beautiful, bilaterally symmetrical 5.5″ blade, made from 154 CM stainless steel and cryogenically treated to make it stronger and harder. There’s also a version of the Shiva with an inch longer blade, and both sizes are available in S30V stainless steel as well . The black micarta handle has a nice lemon drop shape that flares out on the butt, so this is a really comfortable hold that’s not going anywhere. As a total symmetry nerd this is probably my favorite of the Mercworx.

Next we’ve got the David, a name that will make more sense in a minute. The style on this one is more in line with the classic Mercworx aesthetic, sporting their chili pepper handle shape and double recurve blade. Blade is just over 5″ long, this time we’re looking at S30V stainless steel, again cryogenically treated. Handle is an OD green Micarta, which feels very nice in the hand. The chili pepper handle shape and finger grooves give you a good solid hold, and the jimping on the spine lets you have that extra bit of control.

Finally, you can’t have David without Goliath. This monster is essentially the same thing as its counterpart, just scaled way up. Make is comprised of the same S30V stainless steel, micarta handle combo. Blade on this one is just under ten inches long. Hand feel is very similar to the David, though only basketball players are going to be able to wrap their hands all the way around this guy. Despite weighing in at almost a pound and a half, balance is very good. This one also has that jimping, as well as a finger choil to give you as much fine control as is possible with a knife of this size.

These awesome blades are just a few of the options we have in stock from Mercworx. To learn more about these product, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit