This week on Warehouse Hunts we’ve dug up a selection of Moki knives. Moki is a Japanese company that puts out some really beautiful, high quality folding knives that are surprisingly affordable.

First up let’s take a look at the Kronos. This is a really sleek, absolutely gorgeous pocket knife, and probably my favorite of this lot. Blade is just over three inches and made of VG-10 stainless steel with a nice mirrored finish. As is the case with all the knives we’ll be looking at today, this is a two-handed opener. This one has a sturdy lockback to close the blade down, but I want to take a moment to draw attention to how nice the fit and finish is on this when the blade is extended. It’s virtually seamless. The handle itself is stag bone that looks great and provides a really good grip. Can’t say enough good things about this as a gentleman’s folder.

In a similar vein we have the equally elegant Serapis. This one’s got a two and a half inch blade, also VG-10 stainless steel. The handle has a genuine mother of pearl inlay with gold shell and apple coral accents. Also a lockback on this one, fitting every bit as nicely as the Kronos. This is another just beautiful knife.

And that trend is going to continue with the TS-106 mini-pendant. Blade on this is just over an inch, made from AUS8 stainless steel. The handle has a white mother of pearl and abalone inlay in this very nice checkered pattern. The knife comes with an attached black cord lanyard and sliding leather sheath.

We’ll round out this overview with another pendant knife, the TP-039K Colon. Why it’s called the Colon I have no idea, though the leather sheath looks a little like a kidney? This one is also on the black cord lanyard with sliding sheath, only it’s remarkably tiny, even when compared to the TS-106. The Colon is just an inch and a quarter when closed, and features a three quarter inch blade. Size notwithstanding this is still a well-made, nice looking little knife, sporting a lovely Cocobolo handle.

Overall, Moki’s knives represent a remarkable level of craftsmanship while still being very competitively priced. To check out the knives highlighted in this post, click here, or click here for the full run of Moki products we offer. To see out full inventory, visit