This week on Spotlight Series, allow me to introduce some knives that basically need no introduction: the new Benchmade Griptilian models. The Griptilians are one of Benchmade’s best loved knives, and this latest iteration admirably carries that torch.

While you may feel like you know the Griptilian backwards and forwards by this point, Benchmade has thrown in some nice new features to make these ones worth the upgrade. Chief among these is the first-ever use of G10 handles in a production Griptilian. These are predominantly smooth to the touch, with a patch of pronounced diamond texture to enhance grip. The classic handle shape and size are maintained, so handling is as comfortable as you expect from this model, with ample jimping on the spine to allow for extra purchase.

The G10 is a matte gray with really stylish blue accents, which pair perfectly with the blue barrel spacers for an attractive overall appearance. The drop point blade is available in two finishes, a satin or a matte black. The black is my personal favorite for the way it contrasts with the lighter grey handle. You can get both finishes in a plain blade or with partial serrations.

Blade is deployed via the ambidextrous thumb studs, with an ultra smooth, easy action. An alternate method is to depress the Benchmade-patented AXIS lock and give a flick of the wrist to send the blade snapping out. The blade steel also gets an upgrade this time around, with a CPM-20CV stainless steel construction. The blade is held securely in place by the AXIS lock, which is totally ambidextrous.

The deep-carry pocket clip is reversible, allowing for left or right side, tip-up carry. On the whole this knife is very friendly for left hand users in a way you don’t often see with production models.

Overall, these new Griptilian models do an excellent job of taking the Benchmade design you know and love and adding sufficient value to make this one really worth your time. To learn more about these knives, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit