Parker Heavyweight Safety Razor
New Heavyweight Safety Razor from Parker!

One of the great things about a safety razor is that it works under its own weight. With modern multi-blade razors you have to push the razor into your skin to get a close shave. With a single blade safety razor, the weight of the razor is the trick to getting a close shave. The folks at Parker have come out with a beautiful new, heavyweight razor that generates an even closer shave than your typical safety razor. It also features Parker’s reliable twist to open mechanism!

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More information from Parker:

The Parker 99R is a heavyweight safety razor wit the 2010 Parker TTO head for a close, comfortable shave! Twisting the knob on the bottom of the razor will open the butterfly doors for blade insertion. This razor is a smooth shaver! This is a beautiful safety razor for either your own use or a gift!


Brass Frame / Nickel Plated for durability!
Twist-to-Open design for easy blade replacement!
4 inch long textured handle for a sure grip – even with wet hands!
3.2 ounces – heavyweight design