Lone Wolf Pearl Handle Presto Limited Editions
Lone Wolf has shipped some new Presto Paul knife models. These are all Limited Editions and all have Mother of Pearl handles and some have Damascus steel blades. They are wonderfully crafted and worth a look. Each issue is limited.
Here is some more info about the Presto:
The handle of the Paul Presto Folder is contoured to fit the hand to provide control, comfort and exciting styling. Designed by world renowned custom knife maker, designer and aerospace engineer Paul W. Poehlmann, it fits easily in your pocket and is large enough to handle almost any task. Mr. Poehlmann designed and patented the axial locking mechanism and produced the first handmade and production Paul Knives in the early 1970’s. Paul Knives soon became the standard in the industry for precision fit and finish of a folding knife. The precise fit and function of the axial locking mechanism has never been equaled in another production knife. Over the years Paul Knives have always proved a great investment as all models have appreciated steadily in value.

Lone Wolf Knives has worked closely with Paul to develop the Presto’s exciting new styling while maintaining all the key Paul Knife features consumers have come to love. The axial locking mechanism locks the blade in both the closed and open positions for added safety in a knife meant to be carried every day in your pocket. The axial mechanism also provides easy one-handed-opening of the knife. Simply grip the button between your thumb and forefinger and squeeze, the handle is then released to rotate freely away from the blade into the open and locked position. Reversing this procedure will close and lock the blade. Paul knives are simple to use, elegant in design, extremely strong and safe.
The “Paul Presto Folder” is packaged in an attractive metal display box inside a nice Lone Wolf gift box.

Blade Length: 2.4 in.
Length Closed: 3.4 in
Frame: Stainless Steel
Overall Length: 5.8 in.
Fasteners/Rivets: Stainless Steel
Weight: 1.9 oz.