Olight M30 Triton 700 Max Lumen LED Flashlight

Olight M30 Triton 700 Max Lumen LED Flashlight
Olight M30 Triton 700 Max Lumen LED Flashlight
Olight brand is coming on strong- we haven’t seen any LED as bright as this new player. 700 Lumens! This flashlight is well made and takes your choice of batteries- either 3 or 4 -123 lithiums- there is a body extender included in the plastic case the light comes in. Or 2 X 18650 batteries. Lots of features on this light. It really isn’t a bad deal for what you get. You can see the Olights at: www.knifecenter.com
Here is the sales information from the Manufacturer:

* World-class super bright Cree MC-E LED
* Max 700 lumens
* Max 80 hours long runtime
* Side switch on tail cap for direct access to strobe from power-off
* Side switch on tail cap for changing modes from power-on
* Extended tube required for 4 X CR123A or 2 X 18650 batteries
* Three digitally controlled constant brightness levels and strobe
* Front & Rear removable striking bezel provided for close quarter combat
* Superior heat sink that disperses heat to protect LED and electrical components
* Ergonomic design for easy operation
* Full orange peel reflector with perfect beam
* Rugged indestructible aluminum body with anti-scratching type III hard anodization
* Twist strip for safe keeping and easy carry
* Water resistant to IP68
* Anti-shattering ultra clear lens, anti-scratching and anti-slip
* Engineered anti-slip body texture for a tight firm grip
* Built-in stainless steel pocket clip
* Advanced digital power management system for best smooth and even brightness during battery life time


* Battery:
o 3xCR123A/RCR123A batteries
o 4xCR123A or 2xLi-ion 18650 with extended tube
o Batteries NOT included
* Dimension: 43.5mm/1.71″(D)X176.9mm/6.96″(L)
* Dimension with extended tube: 43.5mm/1.71″(D)X210.9mm/8.3″(L)
* Weight: 165.2g/5.83oz (exclude battery)
* Function: Three brightness levels and strobe mode.
* Output and Runtime:
o High Mode 700lumens/1.5hours
o Medium Mode 120lumens/7.5hours
o Low Mode 8lumens/90hours
o Strobe 700lumens/1.5hours
* Made in China

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