This weekend our special is a selection of impressive fixed-blades from the Ontario Knife Company’s Gen II line of Spec Plus knives. These are some really rugged, sturdy knives perfectly suited to all manner of military and sporting applications.

We’ll get the similarities out of the way first. All these knives have the same Kraton polymer handle construction and black texture powder coated blade, giving them that slick tactical appearance. They’re all full-tang, too, so these are durable fixed blades you can really rough up. Each one includes a nylon sheath with belt loop, and the four larger ones are MOLLE compatible.

The smallest of these knives is the SP-54. This is a spear-style blade, making it the only one of these models with a double cutting edge. While the blade is only about 3.5″ long, the handle is about 5″, making for a really comfortable hold. This is a great lightweight, compact fixed blade.

Next size up is the SP-47. This one’s got a 5.5″ blade with a nice long cutting edge and a lot of belly. Again a nice big handle with a lot of room, even for people with large hands. The S-shaped double finger guard makes for very safe cutting and stabbing.

Our next two knives have the same handle as the SP-47, and are essentially identical to each other. Blades are both just a hair over 8″ and the same drop point shape. The only difference is that the SP-48 sports a flat-ground blade, while the SP-49 has a half hollow grind.

Finally, the largest of our merry band is the SP-52, which sports a massive 9.5″ recurve blade. With plenty of belly at the end, there is an absurd amount of cutting power here. Again we’ve got a really roomy, comfortable handle, this time with just a finger guard down here on the bottom. Despite the immense size, there’s a really nice balance to this knife.

There’s no denying the Spec Plus Gen II line from Ontario is an impressive array of durable tactical fixed blades. To learn more about these knives, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit