BLADE Show 2018: Spyderco Mid-Year Releases

We had the Spyderco Mid-Year Releases up on the site before this year’s BLADE Show, but getting to Atlanta and actually handling these beauties was worth the suspense. Eric Glesser takes us through their latest drops – the Tropen, the McBee, the Smock, the Kapara, the Subvert, and the Drunken.


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BLADE Show 2018: Chris Reeve Impinda Slipjoint

We were lucky enough to score some one-on-one time with some awesome folks during our time at BLADE Show 2018 this weekend. Check out this new video where we talk with Matt Fabbi from Chris Reeve Knives about the Impinda. This slipjoint is a collaboration with Bill Harsey Jr. that achieved two different tensions – learn how by watching the video below!


KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes the newest knives in the world.

BLADE Show 2018 Haul

It’s Monday, but we’re not even mad – we’re still coming down from the awesome high that was BLADE Show 2018. We posted these pictures on our Instagram, but wanted to share some of our haul with you so that you could check out what we’ll be getting up on the site this week. If you’re interested in a particular knife you’ve seen on our social media channels, feel free to DM us. We’ll be unpacking them over the next few days and will respond to messages with prices and purchase options soon!

KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes the newest knives in the world.


The WE Knife Double Helix

If you want to see the Double Helix in action, we uploaded a short clip on our Instagram.


Chris Reeve Impinda 

We fell in love with the Impinda slipjoint when we stopped over at the Chris Reeve booth.  We’ll be featuring a more in-depth look at this particular knife over on our YouTube sometime this week.


Spyderco Mid-Year Drops

Of course, no trip to BLADE Show would be complete without a stop at the Spyderco booth! What do you think of these mid-year drops? Don’t forget you can pre-order them here!


Jason Guthrie’s Scout

Check out all the details on this gorgeous carbon fiber Scout from Jason Guthrie. That damasteel is CRISP!


Serge Knives Orbit

We have a video of the Orbit’s unusual action on our Instagram – go check it out and let us know what you think!


Alpha Hunter Tactical Design War Bowie

I mean, this picture pretty much speaks for itself. We’re suckers for a Bowie.


Koch Tools Gnat Folder

Here you can see the Gnat in hand so you can get an idea of the scale.


CRKT Gungho

Of course, we couldn’t leave the CRKT booth without giving you guys a look at the new Gungho. We’ve got a video of the action on our Instagram for you to check out – believe us, it’s smooth as silk.


CRKT Mid-Year Announcements

Who’s loving the all-black color theme of the CRKT mid-year drops?


Zero Tolerance 0470

Great news – the ZT 0470 is already up on the site for pre-order! Click here to get in line for a new industry favorite. This is a highly practical, easy-to-use EDC that features premium CPM-20CV steel and an eye-catching marbled carbon fiber insert.


Rassenti Flipper

Check out these beauties from Peter Rassenti – we even have a video of the flipping action on our Instagram.


Ken Onion Knifeworks Slacker

This was one of the first knives we picked up at the show – what a way to kick off a great weekend.


Chavez Knives

It was love at first sight when we saw this pocket clip.

The X Series Lanny’s Clip

We got our hands on the new Enrique Peña collaboration with Reate Knives – the X Series Lanny’s Clip.


Gavko Knives Folder

Now we KNOW you’ve never seen a Gavko with a Spyderco hole before!


Mike Gavac Folders

When we got to BLADE Show on Thursday, we saw these right away and had to have them. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to cover them.

We scored some one-on-one time with some knifemakers at the show, so we’ll be posting some interviews and in-depth coverage of Spyderco’s mid-year drops, ZT’s 0470, Chris Reeve’s Impinda, and Cold Steel’s Luzon. We’ll also be sharing some videos that feature new items from Brous Blades, Hoback Knives, BRS, and CRKT.  Stay tuned for more! We’ll be adding new photos all this week to our social media channels, so be sure to follow us to stay up to date.

Get Your Custom Fix Before Blade Show 2018

You can rest assured that we’ll have plenty of customs and mid-techs to show off after this weekend – it is BLADE Show 2018, after all! In the meantime, check out the ones we got in before we left town.

KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes the newest knives in the world.


Dew Hara Custom Folders

Dew Hara learned to build tactical folders under Tony Marfione, and you can definitely see the design influence on many of these combat-ready knives. We still have a couple Prototype Noah and Kabuto models left, as well as his compact Kisaragi model that is perfectly sized for everyday carry.


Trevor Burger Custom Knives

Hailing from a knifemaking family, Trevor Burger makes some of the most precise handmade knives anywhere in the world. His work is best compared to a fellow South African, Jason Guthrie. Trevor’s EXK front flipper is just as versatile as Jason’s world-renowned Ranger or Scout.


Mikkel Willumsen Dredd Semi Custom Flippers

The Dredd by Urban Tactical (Mikkel Willumsen) is a fantastic semi-custom at a great price. Deemed semi-custom because all the scales and blades are done in batches, each is hand tuned and finished by Mikkel (the same as his customs). The Dredd is one of his most straightforward and crowd-pleasing designs yet. If you want to stay below the $100 price point, we have the production version, as well – the Dreed from Boker Plus.


Jonathan McNees Custom Knives

We have a pair of handmade customs from Jonathan, as well as a few of his Performance Machined PM-1 models which are solid alternatives that provide handmade quality at a mid-tech price. Considering the amount of hand finishing he performed on each one, semi-custom is a moniker that definitely fits here.


Aaron Frederick Custom Knives and Tools

If you want a knife that just plain feels good in the hand and gets the job done, Aaron Frederick has a design for you. This former US Navy Serviceman knows what features make a good knife, and he learned from one of the best…John W. Smith.


Heretic Knives Fixed Blades

TJ Marfione makes some of the premier tactical fixed blades that money can buy, yet his knives don’t get nearly the publicity that they deserve. The Nephilim combat dagger and Seraphim sub-hilt fighter are just two examples of his work that are designed to excel in real-world combat situations.


LVKnives Javelin and Lancer 2 Flippers

LVKnives is comprised of the work of Ray Laconico and Mike Vagnino. They take aspects of each of their knives to create something unique that is still up to the quality their customers have come to expect. We’re astonished the brand never took off, so we’re putting them on sale to entice you further into trying out one of these top-notch EDC knives.


Chris Reeve Unique Graphic Sebenzas

These exceptional Unique Graphic Sebenzas are industry standard folding knives that offer subtle flair. Outfitted with Devin Thomas Basketweave Damascus blades and a rustic copper and gold motif that extends to the lanyard accessories and the thumb lug, these are some of our favorite Chris Reeve one-offs to date.


We are heading down to BLADE Show this weekend and fully expect to come back with some amazing pieces. We get new Customs and Mid-Techs in every day, so please email us at with any inquiries.

Thursday’s BLADE Show Roundup!

We rounded out our first day at BLADE Show 2018 with some incredible finds – check ’em out! We’ll be bringing these knives back with us, so stay tuned to our social media channels for updates about when they’ll be going live on our site.


Chavez Knives

When you have the opportunity to pick up a Chavez Knives piece, you definitely don’t say no!


Enrique Peña and Reate 


Just got our hands on Enrique Peña’s new collaboration with Reate Knives, the X Series Lanny’s Clip.


Gavko Knives

Now we KNOW you’ve never seen a Gavko with a Spyderco hole before!


Mike Gavac Folders

These beauties from Mike Gavac were the first knives we picked up – as you can tell from the photo, it’s not hard to see why.


Remember – to see the latest BLADE Show 2018 updates from KnifeCenter, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also check out the #kcbs18 hashtag for more!

New Collaboration from Lucas Burnley – The Kihon Flipper

Lucas Burnley and Boker have teamed up once again to bring you the latest addition to the Kihon seriesa modified tanto-style model with rugged D2 steel. This new flipper is a return to form for Burnley, and it brings the Kihon series back to its roots as a collection of Japanese-styled knives rather than the Americanized drop point variations we’ve seen.

My name’s Chandler Caldwell, and I’m a Product Specialist and writer for KnifeCenter. Let’s take a look at this new collaboration and see how it compares to Burnley’s famous Kwaiken.


Chandler Caldwell – Product Specialist, writer, and all around knife nut. 


Lucas Burnley works hard to show that utility shouldn’t come at the cost of beauty. This is something he’s tried to show for years and we definitely feel he’s succeeded. The Kihon shares inspirational elements with the Kwaiken, one of Burnley’s most well known knives. Both combine a traditional Japanese style with the utility of a compact knife.


The legendary Kwaiken, a much beloved industry favorite.


Like we mentioned, the new Kihon varies slightly from the Kihon family tradition of a standard drop point blade. The modified tanto on the new model really helps it stand out and showcases Burnley’s love for Japanese-style knives.

Both knives feature clean lines and unique designs. The Kihon has milling that gives it a pretty sleek look overall. While not being too aggressive, the aluminum handle keeps the knife surprisingly light for its size but maintains its strength.


This new Kihon is the latest addition to the Kihon family that features a modified tanto blade, a stainless steel handle with a “Rising Sun” texture, and a sizeable frame lock. 


Burnley’s knives share the trait of being extremely functional, but we think that the Kihon and the Kwaiken give wildly different performances. The Kwaiken is widely known as a gentleman’s folder, and as many of you know there are people that think a gentleman’s folder is too small and can’t be used well. We personally don’t agree with that sentiment at all, and think that the Kwaiken is an amazing EDC. The Kihon, on the other hand, has a slightly larger handle and a thicker, wider blade which may appeal to that audience. This is a great go-to work knife, or at least a knife that’s designed for more regular use and abuse.

The fit and finish of both is exemplary, but the Kwaiken has always deserved major recognition in particular. Burnley designed a serious masterpiece when he created this knife. It’s famous for good reason – it’s a sturdy workhorse with comfortable handling and a slim build. It fits so seamlessly in your pocket you’ll almost forget it’s there.

The Kihon may be a better choice if you’re going to be working with a knife for a long period of time, however. Compared to the Kwaiken, it has a more sizeable stainless steel frame lock and performs like a tactical EDC dream. We don’t doubt it will join the Knife Hall of Fame alongside the Kwaiken, but we want to hear your thoughts. Both are engineered to give you optimal versatility and Japanese influenced simplicity, but which would you rather have in your pocket? Let us know over on our social media networks: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes the newest knives in the world.

Pre-BLADE Show Custom and Mid-Tech Showcase!

We’re obviously more than excited about next week’s upcoming BLADE Show, but luckily we were still sent in some pretty stellar custom and mid-tech pieces to show off before we get hit with the motherload.  Check them out below, and let us know what you’re excited to see while we’re at the show!

KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes the best custom knives from some of the most well known knifemakers in the world.


New Custom and Production Pro-Tech Automatics

We just got in another shipment from Pro-Tech Knives – and we got quite a haul. From custom Strider PTs to the brand new TR-5 Tactical Response Auto, these are some of the best knives money can buy and are 100% American made.


Sean O’Hare Custom Flippers

Sean O’Hare makes some of the most elegant tactical and utility knives around, and he’s one of our favorite custom knifemakers to deal with. He’s genuine, quiet, and unassuming – just like his knives. These flippers will outperform your expectations, and you’ll have the satisfaction of being able to do some serious cutting.


Marfione Custom Knives Socom Elite Prototypes

From prototypes to the newest copper and brass inlaid pieces, we have a number of different Socom Elite models for you to choose from. This is one of the premier folding knives on the market in terms of design, function, and following…and we absolutely love it.


Matthew Martin Custom Handmade Pens

Matthew Martin, son of RJ, is as talented on his lathe as his father is on a grinder. These are without a doubt some of the finest handmade pens we’ve come across. They utilize top-notch materials and feature what may just be the nicest fit and finish you’ve seen in a writing instrument. Don’t worry – they will be delivered in time for Father’s Day.


Les George Custom FM-1 Damascus Folder

The FM-1 is one of Les George’s first designs. It perfectly exhibits the graceful yet muscular, flashy yet practical style that has come to define his knifemaking career. With a Chad Nichols Stainless Boomerang Damascus blade, hand-sculpted titanium handles, and a marbled carbon fiber inlay, this half-dress FM-1 is just the right balance of beauty and beast.


Darrel Ralph Custom Fusion AOD Flipper

This knife might be one of the wildest and most ambitious knives ever to leave Darrel Ralph’s workbench. The blade is made from two of the most exotic materials used in knifemaking today, interlocked and fused together in a pattern across the blade: a spine of raindrop Mokuti and an edge made from the nearly corrosion-proof Stellite 6K cobalt alloy. The Mokuti handles have been sculpted and then selectively blasted and polished to give them a striking two-tone look that pairs perfectly with this amazing blade.


Butch Ball Custom Damascus Flippers

Butch Ball makes each of his one-of-a-kind knives by hand in his Virginia shop. He might be best known for his collaborations with Benchmade, but his custom work is where Butch lets his craftsmanship shine. These flippers are all made with high-performance stainless Damascus or Damasteel blades, and they flip open confidently on their ball-bearing pivots.


Tuff-Writer KC Exclusive Precision Press Pen

The Tuff-Writer pen was designed to be the toughest pen out there, and with years of reliable service in some of the most inhospitable environments on the planet, that claim has been fulfilled. This KnifeCenter Exclusive is precision-built with black DLC-coated steel and orange Cerakote aluminum, and includes several inserts to accept most major refills (Parker / Fisher / Foray).


Gerry McGinnis Custom and Pro Line Knives

Whether you pick a full custom, hand ground fixed blade or a folder from his Pro Line Series, Jerry McGinnis’ sinuous designs and obsessive eye for quality are apparent in every detail. From the crisp hand-set detents in his framelock flippers to the organic, ergonomic curves of his handles, these are some of the best and most collectible knives on the market.


Benchmade 319DLC-1801 Limited Edition Proper Slipjoint

Benchmade revisits their smash hit gentleman’s knife, the Proper, with this new limited-edition run with a black DLC S30V blade and “Benchmade Blue” G10 handles. Traditional in form, this non-locking folder is built with a modern construction, blade steel, and modified sheepsfoot blade shape that feel thoroughly new-age yet enjoyably nostalgic.


Coming soon: we’ll have some beautiful pieces from Enrique Pena and the new Bastinelli Trigger. The countdown to BLADE Show has begun and we’re only a week away. We’ll be there in full force and expect to come back with a plethora of awesome stuff from the industry’s best. We get new Customs and Mid-Techs in every day, so please email us at with any inquiries.

Memorial Day

This weekend, and Sunday in particular, we remember our fallen heroes. While we are busy with our daily work, it is easy to lose sight of those putting their lives on the line every day for our safety, but this day and weekend gives us that opportunity. So thank you, American service personnel. We are extremely grateful that our country is safe and secure so we can go about our daily business without worry. The sacrifices that you give, while we are not able to fully understand all of them, are appreciated and honored. We salute you!

KnifeCenter Employee Spotlight: LeAndre Bennett’s Top Five Knives!

If you’ve been in tune with our social media channels lately (ahem…Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube – check us out!) you may have seen us featuring the top five knives and tools from KnifeCenter employees. This week, we’re looking at LeAndre Bennett! We’re going to showcase LeAndre’s top five, so be sure to let us know what you think of his picks.


LeAndre Bennett – our Social Media and Product Specialist, and a KnifeCenter employee for almost five years! 


5. Benchmade Nakamura

The Nakamura is a folding knife with some serious style, so it’s no wonder LeAndre listed this as his fifth choice. With its M390 super premium stainless steel and black contoured G10 handle scales, this American-made folder is both a tactical tool and a gentleman’s knife.

“The handle grooves feel super comfortable in my hand, and the wood is textured in a way that gives me a great grip that doesn’t rub my skin when I use it repeatedly. It’s also a KnifeCenter Exclusive, and it means a lot to me to rep for us when it comes to my EDC.”


4. Ontario RAT Model 2



The Ontario RAT Model 2 is more affordable than the Nakamura, and still serves as a pretty solid folder for the price. It’s only $31.95, which is definitely a deal considering you’re getting an EDC that can withstand hard use and abuse associated with hunting or survival tasks.

“It has a surprisingly responsive deployment action, and it’s affordable. I know AUS-8 isn’t the best steel on the market, but it has served me well and I’ve been able to cut through some pretty thick rope with this one.”


3.  Boker Plus Federal

The Federal was designed by Gustavo Cecchini, who won the “Best New Maker” award at the 2006 Sao Paulo Knife Show. His futuristic style is pretty apparent in the Federal, and you’re also getting a unique pocket clip that’s integrated into the titanium casing like a frame lock.

“I’ve always been a comic and sci-fi fan – the minute I saw the Federal, I liked the style. It has good steel and it’s made with some good materials, but I really wanted it specifically because it looks like something out of a TV show.”


2. Steel Will Cutjack


This one also has Bohler M390 steel, which LeAndre knows sets him apart as a bit of a steel snob.

“I love blue, and the moment I saw this one I knew I wanted it. I’ve always been a Steel Will fan, this one just stood out to me because of the color and the edge. I haven’t sharpened it since I got it, still cuts like an absolute dream.”


1. Kershaw Blur



Here we are – LeAndre’s number one pick! A lot of you out there probably agree this is a great first choice. The Blur is an industry favorite, and this variation comes with olive drab handle scales with Trac-Tec inserts for a non-slip grip.

“I actually started in the warehouse when I began working at KnifeCenter, so having a folder with stellar ergonomics – especially one I could hold on to easily when I’m sweating – was important to my work. I could tear through anything with this and it worked like a champ.”


What do you think of LeAndre’s list? Let us know what you loved (and what you’d replace) by sharing this on your social media channels and giving us YOUR top five. KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes the best knives from some of the most well known knifemakers in the world.


Gedraitis, Anso, Tietz, and More!

We could give you a whole spiel about how incredible these custom masterpieces are…or we could just show you our wares. Check ’em out!


Chuck Gedraitis Custom Knives

We’ve always been impressed by the variety of knives Chuck makes, which ranges from balis and Bowies to hunting and tactical fixed blades. We have a nice smattering here to prove our point, including a Scagel folder and Bird and Trout fixed blade that harken back to a time before all these synthetic handle materials became so prevalent.


Jens Anso Custom Titanium Tools

If the Full Dress Neo is your kind of knife, but it’s wildly out of your price range, you’re not alone…we’re in the same boat as you. Luckily, we can shop this collection of top-quality designs that we actually can afford – the engineering and manufacturing that you get with one of his titanium tools are top-notch.


Grindhouse Custom Flippers

We don’t know what TMA (or TMAx obviously) stands for, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the compact Wharncliffe flipper from Sam Jones. It’s a unique Grindhouse knife with super thick blade stock and an ergonomic grip that will transform the knife into an extension of your arm.


VDK Goat Budget Flippers

Available in two sizes, the Goat is the first VDK knife to use G10 handle scales and a liner lock mechanism. With this change in materials comes a nice change in price – each of these flippers are $125 shipped to your door, no matter which size you choose.


Kirby Lambert/Bill Wall Custom Skull Beads

Custom knifemaker Kirby Lambert and leather/jewelry craftsman Bill Wall have teamed up to bring out amazing Lambert Black Widow-themed lanyard beads that are available in a variety of materials. Each one is unique, wicked awesome, and sure to transform your EDC into a new, stylish daily carry companion.


Steve Ryan Custom Knives

Steve Ryan is a longtime custom knifemaker with an affinity for large knives. All his folders are tactically designed with over 4″ blades, but styled for EDC with rainbow anodized titanium frames. We’re taking $125 off each one so that you can pick up a new VDK Goat, or do whatever you care to do with all the extra coin you’re saving.


White River Firecraft FC3.5

Designed by Jason Tietz, who also manufacturers the Moby Whalers, the Firecraft FC3.5 is the smallest of the series and comes wrapped with 550 paracord or outfitted with G10 scales. The pinky ring adds a lot of versatility to the design. If you want the next step up from an ESEE Izula, you’ve just found it!


Coming soon we’ll have our weekly shipment from Rick Hinderer, more from Microtech, RMJ Tactical, and some really nice pieces from Pro-Tech. We get new Customs and Mid-Techs in every day, so please email us at with any inquiries. KnifeCenter is the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, and that includes the best custom knives from some of the most well known knifemakers in the world.