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Survival/Outdoor Knife & Gear Roundup: 11-7-2020

Survival & Outdoor Roundup Title Graphic

KA-BAR has just upgraded a classic folder in a big way. We've also got a high-end Swiss Army competitor from MKM and more below!

Best New Knives: November 5th, 2020

Spyderco SpyOopera folding knife, open, balanced in hand

This week, it's restocks and new knives galore, including a collaboration between LionSteel and Spyderco, another excellent (and affordable) CIVIVI, a superlative modern slipjoint from Real Steel, and a selection of new knives from Cheburkov Workshop, one of the best knifemakers in all of Russia. Let's go! Cheburkov Workshop -...

Best New Knives: October 22nd

Bestech Platypus folding knife in hand, black background

Normally these new item round-ups stick to just the new knives that hit our shelves some time in the last week or so, but I've made an exception this time to share some big news about a long-awaited Benchmade that just became available for pre-order. In addition, we've also got an exciting new line of tactical knives...

Survival/Outdoor Knife & Gear Roundup: 10-17-2020

Survival & Outdoor Roundup Title Graphic

Do any tactical knives work well in the outdoors? Steel Will has an option below. We've also got some sweet Vox-designed fixed blades, a new TOPS hatchet with an innovative handle, and much more.

Best New Knives: October 12th 2020

Spyderco Rockjumper folding knife, open in hand

This week, it's a return to form with a future classic from Spyderco and an irresistably cool Ontario budget folder, plus a video overview from David C. Andersen of all the greatest new knives, big and small. Read on and let's dive in! Spyderco Rockjumper

What Is the Best Ultralight EDC Pocket Knife?

Benchmade Orange Mini Bugout, Spyderco K390 Dragonfly 2, and SOG Gold Ultra XR on a white background

Beefy overbuilt folders have their place, but sometimes you just want something that you can slip in your pocket and never notice it is there. The easier something is to carry, the more likely you will actually have it with you when you need to cut something, and thanks to modern manufacturing you can still get a lot of capability without a lot of weight. With many of these folders weighing less than 2.5 ounces – sometimes much less! – you’ve got no reason to never have a blade with you.

Are Non-Locking Pocketknives Worth Carrying? — Real Steel G-Slip

Real Steel G-Slip Folding Knife

If our shelves this year are any indication, non-locking knives are making a serious comeback. But in an age of easy one-handed opening, secure locking mechanisms, and convenient pocket clips, what's behind the renewed interest in knives without some (or all) of these features? Let's take a closer look. Something...

Combat/Tactical Knife & Gear Roundup: 9/27/2020

Survival & Outdoor Roundup Title Graphic

SOG continues to impress with a compact yet beefy folder, Gayle Bradley has a new fixed blade for Spyderco, Kizer introduces an affordable folder ready for the line of duty, and more this week.

CJRB Crag — Best EDC Pocket Cleaver?

CJRB Crag knife open on while background

The latest addition to the KnifeCenter-exclusive lineup is the CJRB Crag, one of the best folding cleavers on the market at any price. Let's take a closer look at this shockingly affordable knife, the upgrades exclusive to this version, and why you should consider adding a folding cleaver to your collection.

What’s the Best Knife with a Phillips Screwdriver?

Leatherman FREE K2 tools partially unfolded on table

We answer a lot of questions about knives here at the KnifeCenter, and we think it’s about time to start sharing our answers publicly for the whole internet to see. Today, we’re talking about Phillips screwdrivers on multitool knives, a frequently requested (and extremely useful) feature that can be hard to find. What are the best knives...