This time on Steal of the Week we’re highlighting the Viper line of assisted opening folders from Schrade. The Viper line is a series of sturdy, formidable knives, and I’m not going to bury the lead here; what sets them apart is the patent-pending side-opening mechanism.

Check this out. You’ve got a finger hole here on the side, which you use to nudge the blade out, and the mechanism takes care of the rest, extending the stainless steel blade with decent speed. It’s going to take a little getting used to, for sure, but after the first few openings it becomes surprisingly intuitive.

Once extended, the blade is very solidly locked in place. To fold it back down just slide the lock back. The Vipers also come equipped with a safety slider, which very effectively prevents the blade from deploying.

The machined aluminum handles are edgy and industrial across all Viper models. I mean look at these things, it’s like they fell out of a Nine Inch Nails video. The various handle shapes all feel reasonably comfortable in the hand, with the texture providing very good grip. The jimping on the slider gives your thumb a good place to lock in when you need that extra bit of control. As an added bonus, the finger hole in the handle affords a number of unique grip styles.

All Viper models come equipped with non-reversible right-hand pocket clips, allowing for tip-up carry in most cases. Even the biggest of these beasts is quite slim, making for an unobtrusive carry. Overall, the Vipers are a very cool, unique line from Schrade. Available in multiple shapes and sizes they represent excellent options for everyday carry.

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