Overall themes of the 2009 Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show in Orlando -in the Knife Industry
Traffic at this show has been good., The aisles have been crowded and so some businesses are doing well in this rough economy.
First trend -Orange handles on knives- It’s about time! This writer has worked in mineral exploration as a geologist and we would spay paint our tools orange so that we would be less likely to lose them in the field. I have never understood the tendancy to add camo handles for outdoor products, except when hunting. There have been a few models that have orange handles in the past, but now many companies offer many more items.
Trend 2– Different shaped blades. A lot of knives, mostly fixed blades, with very wide blades – Kukri like. Spyderco has several “leaf” shaped, Boker has the Arbolito with very wide blade ends, Cold Steel with the Spartan. The “Kiridishi” style it very utilitarian, actually meant to be used as a tool, and Spyderco will offer a model with a triangular Kiridishi blade and another maker does also.
I will add to this post throughout the show as more themes come to mind