Still at the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade show in Las Vegas and reporting on the second day of new products. Mostly we can report on Boker’s new items and they are, as always, extraordinary. A gorgeous new collectible damascus folder from Germany with Mokume bolsters plus a DLC coated Kiridashi by Beggs. Some Day Glow folders! Including a Top Lock. They will have some knives with fossilized dinosaur bone – 130 million year old handle material! From BokerPlus, there is a new folder -Nopal – designed by Texas knifemaker Newton Martin. Bud Nealy has a new slim fixed blade. Chad Los Banos is offering a new, tiny sheepsfoot fixed blade – the Microcom. Tom Krein has a new one called the PSK. There is a long fixed blade from Burke called the SOB (Spec Ops Blade). From Jesper Voxnaes, we have the “Bob” model with a 3-3/4″ blade and Micarta handleplus two more large fixed blades.
There is a new “Access” tool which is short and thin with a nail puller at the tip a shackle opener and carabiner and glass breaker on the end- very cool. Plus 2 martial arts/massage tools- kind of a strange combination. Basically 5″ tubes with paracord strap and loop at the end which enable you to hold the tube in various ways- either to wield as a weapon or dig in to massage. You’ll have to see these things to appreciate them. There will also be some folding picnic knives and a ceramic camp knife. There are 4 different Fred Perrin models! These are really significant and you’ll want to get in line as soon as we get them put up.
We’ll be offering the tactical katana as soon as Cas Han Wei has them.
Ontario will offer a new tactical folder that I like a lot called the Apache TAC. It’s thin and strong. From Ranger/Ontario we will see some neck knives, a tanto Ranger RD6, a hunting Falcon model and a Karabiner that I think is about the most comfortable grip I have seen.
There will also be a Bushcraft fixed blade from Ontario.
Schatt and Morgan will offer their Heritage series which are exact replicas of 100 year old models. For collectors, this is really a find and there will be a very limited number of these released.
More to come, so stay tuned!

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