SHOT Show News!
Reporting from the 2010 Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade show in Las Vegas.

The overall themes of this SHOT show included a general tendency towards thick blades, the increased use of the Besh Wedge style of blades, the reissue of old models that had been retired and many hawk bill blade models.
We are at the show all week and want to report some of the highlights.
Day 1
SOG knives has almost 50 new items! Included a new small “Tool Clip” a damascus Architech. A tanto Tomcat with carbon fiber on the blade. Autoclip series has returned including the E-clips and all have adjustable thumb studs. The Aura has an ArcLock. A black Bluto will be available. The SOGZILLA series is very interesting with a Spyderco look to them and a blade hole that is oblong with a break at the top. The Vulcan fixed blade is a beautiful, large tanto. Just a slew of new items and some of them really nice.
Ka Bar has some new, big wild boar hunting fixed blades. They’re made in the USA and have great sheath systems with a large pocket in the front.

CAS Han Wei will have a 20th anniversary Shinto Katana with silver fittings.

Benchmade: The Lum series will be available soon- these new LUMs are big, honkin’ folders- larger than the pictures look.
Subrosas are also shipping soon and are super fast monolock assisted openers. Here is our complete list of new Benchmade knives

Swiss Army flash memory items will feature finger print recognition software for security as well as police applications. The flash chips used are the top quality available.
New ceramic blade kitchen knive with a very lightweight and translucent ceramic material. These blades are made in Japan by a new process that produces exceptionally hard and strong material producing a knife that is exceptionally lightweight. Available in June. 3 knives and a sharpening system. The sharpening system is very well conceived. It has a plastic stand that reminds me of a Scrabble letter stand, that you rest the knife blade in and this puts the blade at a particular angle to the table top. There is a plastic piece about 6 inches long that has a fine grit diamond pad at the end which is also at a slight angle to the back of the piece. By keeping the back of this plastic piece horizontal, and using the diamond system along the knife edge, an angle of about 16 degrees is achieved consistently along the edge.

Day 2
Case knives has their usual new assortment including new colors of bone!

Buck knives– new Ergo hunter folders in three quality levels. The Paradigm models have a bolster release. The Tac lites will be available in black. A new folding filet knife is in the offing. They will have the folding hunter with a Micarta handle. Camo Omni hunters will has Sandvik steel upgrade.

Columbia River has an amazing assortment including a Centofante folding lockback reminiscent of the Al Mar folding Eagle lightweights. They will have a sharpening system geared towards serrated edges that has 6 different thicknesses of diamond rat tail sharpening surfaces. The idea is that most of the serrated sharpening rat tail sharpeners are tapered and so, for any particular size of serration, they only give a very shrot area that you can actually use to sharpen. This one gives a full inch and a half of each size and so allows better results. There is a short handle that screws into the end and a Nylon carrying case. The EROS is a new Ken Onion with very fast opener.Most of their new items are available for pre-order HERE

Spyderco has a modest offering for 2010. There will be a larger version of the Honeybee and Bug called the Grasshopper. Second half of the year there will be a large leaf blade folder in a Super Hawk frame.The Matriarch – a smaller Civilian style folder- will return as a sprint run with a brown Zytel handle with only 800 offered in each of plain and serrated. They will have the Endura and the Delica released with a variety of handle colors including green, purple, blue, gray, red and brown, and the grind will be fully flat. They will also offer the UK pen knife as a lightweight model also in a variety of colors and two blade styles. There will be a fully serrated sheepsfoot rescue model. Also a titanium and a carbon fiber offering. The Bifold will come out and will be treated as an auto. The blue Manix that will be coming with the flat ground S30V blade and skeletonized liners that greatly reduce the weight. It will have a heftier price tag as well. A sprint run of a Tim Zoada will be coming with VG10 steel, 4220 MSRP, carbon fiber handle, double liners and 1200 pieces. Jason Breendon designed folder with a very off Pterodactyl looking blade with a 1″ section on top of the blade that looks like it should be sharpened, but isn’t and a slightly curved cutting edge almost Ulu style. Very odd! VG10 steel and shipping mid year. An extra large Lum Chinese folder with a “peel ply” carbon fiber handle which has a very smooth finish and VG10 steel blades. These are being made in Japan.

Day 3

Chris Reeve has a new fixed blade coming called the Nyala. It’s a simple and elegant version of a classic skinner and has a micarta handle and S30V steel blade.

Boker has about 100 new items!
From Germany, they have a short but extra stout fixed blade called the “pry-mate” that is awesome. plus they will bring back the camp knife – sort of Swiss Army style folders with wood and stag. There are new Titan folders, a polished up Applegate and a single edge Applegate and several others.
From Argentina, they have some beautiful fixed blades designed by Jerry Lairson, Miltner Adams and others. The work is looking better and better from S. America.
From BokerPlus there will be a giant subhilt fighter where the steel of the blade, tapered tang, pommel and both guards are all one piece of steel. Awesome.
Also the return of the Bokermatic with instant retraction. There will be a thin and long dagger boot knife. Some new Chad iotems…a David Mosier fixed blade and a small Tom Krein neck knife that you can get cheap and send to Tom to give his signature ultra thin edge. A pair of Jerry Fisk folders with stag and bone handles and polished bolsters, and new Exskelimoor folders which are like the Exkeliburs, but with wood handles. Then there are some fixed blades designed by Jesper Voxnaes. I’ll add more here as I can
Kershaw has the Speedform II which is a small and G10 handle version of the Blade show winner (which we have yet to see!) as well as a new compsite blade models called the RAKE, the Random Task II, a new G10 Hawk, a Ken Onion Clash, the Talon II and more.

Day 4

RAT cutlery has some exciting items. Many of their fixed blades will be offered with a sharpened section on top of the blade. There are also screw on handles for the Izulas available. They ahve a few new models – really large models including the Junglas machete and RC6

Gerber has many more offerings in the outdoors division. Many folders with pseudo modernistic outlines and features like carabiner clips and bottle openers.
The real star of the show, however, is the new LHR fixed blade. This is large fixed blade designed by Matt Larsen of the Modern Army Combative Program Close Quarter Combat founder, and knife makers Chris Reeve and Bill Harsey.The sheath system is made to strap to the leg and to hold the knife tight enough that it is difficult for this knife to be stripped off a soldier at close contact. This is a really well made knife and will retail for under $200 – made in the USA

We are looking at incredible things from Camillus! The brand of the now defunct, century old American knife company has been picked up by a great manufacturer with a fantastic group of young and enthusiastic people in Connecticut. There are great things coming from these people.

Lone Wolf Knives has the usual new offerings with some beautiful versions of the Paul Defender- their best selling knife ever. Also some manual versions of their autos.

Al Mar is showing several of their models with a brown Micarta as an alternative to the black Micarta.

That’s about it for our SHOT show report. We will, of course, add items as they arrive to us.