The Shooting Hunting and Outdoors Trade show is underway and we have the latest news of the knife industry! Here’s some great stuff from the first day of the show:
Spyderco has a slew of new products. Sal sat with us and explained a bunch of the Prototypes. The Stretch 2 will be available soon. The standard model with S30V steel blades will come plain, combo and fully serrated with a black handle. The blue handle model will be plain edge only with ZDP189 blade.
Spyderco Slipits are non-locking folders that are one hand openers. Look for several models this year. Many are made in Taiwan to very high standards they will largely have blades made of steel that Spyderco ships into Taiwan – like S30V.
Leaf Storm Slip-it with RIL Reeve Integral Lock (Frame Lock) with G10 on one side. Leaf shaped blade.
Spyderco Bushcraft fixed blade with beautiful burl maple handle and flat grind from top of blade to cutting edge. Steel is o-1
Rock Lobster is taking longer because the hole in the blade had to be moved. Before, when closing, the handle would knock the thumb out on closing. The move of the hole delayed this item.
The New Manix! The return of a fantastic folder series. These will have the ball bearing lock that has a cage that makes it easy to use. The liner has a lot of jimping around the edges making it more ornate and secure to hold.
The new Manix models will come in 2 sizes – one will be larger than former large model, making it a jumbo folder and the other will be in between the former 2 models in size.
Tiny Slipit- a small folding miniature with no lock, a steel handle and retail of $7.95!
New fixed Temperance with Micarta handle with longer blade (5″) and nicer handle
From Africa is a new knife (Chokwa?) shape that Spyderco turned into a folder from Taiwan. The handle is coffin shaped. This folder has blade that is S30V almost sheepsfoot flat except the end turns up. The lock is the RIL (frame lock) and a percentage of the revenues will be donated to AIDS relief in Africa.
A percentage of SAGE revenues are donated to Alzheimer disease.
A new knife called the Chicago with a blade under 2″ because of the laws there about carrying knives into buildings.
JD Smith sprint run with 1200 pieces only with full flat grind and 4 way clip. Green G-10 handles, 4 placement pocket clip.
The new Poliwog with G10 handle and ball bearing lock that really works well because of the thinness of the knife. Expect May 2009 delivery.
A new Terzuola folder Slipit with Carbon Fiber handle with three distinct stops on the blade made in Taiwan with S30V steel blades they ship in.
New Ladybug with purple handle as well as a yellow handle model with H1 non rusting steel.
Jumpmaster is a fully serrated fixed blade. The jumpmaster is the guy standing in the plane as soldiers jump. If one gets tangled, the Jumpmaster cuts him loose. It uses H1 steel and has a 5″ blade.