This week the spotlight falls on a couple of new limited run products from SOG Knives. Founded in 1986, SOG knives began simply as an attempt to replicate the classified Bowie knife carried by US special ops unit MACV-SOG in Vietnam, and quickly transformed into a respected brand of tactical weapons and tools. This year they celebrate their thirtieth anniversary, and to commemorate the occasion they’ve produced celebratory variations on two of their best-loved products.

For these collectible sets they’ve chosen both a folder and a fixed blade, the Trident and the Tech Bowie, respectively. These are fully functional versions of the knives, manufactured to the same standard of quality as the normal versions of each model. The only difference is on the blades, both of which feature a unique tiger stripe pattern with raised textured and are emblazoned with a large “30 Years” logo.

But if you’re buying one of these sets, you’re probably not intending to use the knives in your day-to-day life, though you certainly could. These were produced as collectibles, so let’s see what’s special about this set. First off, this is a limited production run of only 300 pieces per knife and they’re not going to be around long. They come in a really attractive wooden presentation case, with everything included in the kit on proud display. For knife collectors this is a beautiful piece to keep with the rest of your collection.

In addition to the knife, there are a few other nifty extras thrown in that make this one worth your time. Probably the coolest is the custom SOG commemorative challenge coin, which has an elegant, understated design. Also included is a SOG patch, which like the knives is fully functional if you want to take it out of the display and actually put it on something. Rounding out the package is a certificate of authenticity so you can rest easy knowing you’re one of the lucky few.

Overall, both of these are handsome presentation pieces with a bunch of fun features, and serve as a suitable tribute to one of the most popular brands in tactical knives. To learn more about these sets, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit