SOG Agency Fixed Blades
SOG Agency Fixed Blades
SOG got its start making great combat fixed blades. They recreated the classic Viet Nam combat bowies and then the SOG SEAL Knives and many more. These Agency Fixed Blades are in the same gene pool as those others being really well made and useful in the field. SOG is the combat fixed blade pro.
Here is the information from SOG:
The Agency follows the SOG tradition of recreating and modernizing historic classics. This unique knife was shrouded in secrecy and originally created for special CIA operatives in the early days of the Vietnam War. It was designed for clandestine and counter insurgency teams who lived in the jungle for months at a time and saw vicious close quarter combat. Never before reproduced, the beautiful flowing lines of blade and handle have been retained. We vastly improved the construction and quality with modern materials like flawless stain finish and epoxy filled leather washers that were unknown at that time. An exquisite design of the highest caliber, the SOG Agency captures the mystique of a positively unique fixed blade.

* Blade Length: 7.5″
* Overall Length: 12.675″
* Weight: 9.6 oz.
* Edge: Straight
* Steel: AUS 8
* Handle: Epoxied leather washers
* Sheath: Leather w/sharpening stone