This weekend our special comes from SOG’s Trident line of assisted opening folders. We’re looking at the Trident TF6 with tanto blade. This is a really ergonomic, durable knife with some dynamite functionality and seriously good action. That’s thanks to SOG’s Assisted Technology which works through the balance of opposing high-tension coil springs. When you actuate the blade using the ambidextrous thumb studs, the spring force propelling the knife open becomes greater than the spring force trying to keep it closed, and the blade thuds open. It’s smooth, fast, authoritative, yet doesn’t feel like it will go flying out of your hand.

We’ve got a 3.75″ tanto blade made from AUS8 stainless steel, sporting a brushed satin finish. The tanto shape design means this will excel at tactical stabbing and slashing tasks. You release the blade using the Arc-Actuator, which is stronger and releases easier than the previously used piston lock. The safety switch keeps the blade locked in the closed position, making this a very safe carry. Red means the safety is not engaged.

Handle is Zytel in SOG’s standard Digi-Grip, which means it’s heavily textured to allow for ample grip. Shape fills the palm quite nicely, and there are no uncomfortable hotspots. A nice extra feature on this model is the Groove here at the back of the handle. This lets you easily cut paracord, fishing line, and the like while the blade is safely closed.

Pocketclip is the expected bayonet style from SOG, allowing for a deep, secure carry that won’t draw people’s attention. It’s also easily reversible or removable for pouch carry.

Overall, the SOG Trident is a great basic folder with some excellent extra features lending it additional value. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit