This week’s steal is the C40GP Jot Singh Khalsa sprint run edition from Spyderco. This collaboration between Spyderco and lauded knifemaker Jot Singh Khalsa is a very unique piece and an excellent, high quality folder.

Jot Singh Khalsa is an American convert to the Sikh religion and member of the 3HO Organization established by the late Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini Yoga to the United States in the late 1960s, and whose organization is one of the oldest and most active proponents of yoga instruction in the Western Hemisphere. As a devout Sikh, many of Jot’s aesthetic trademarks draw inspiration from Kirpans – the sacred and symbolic knives of the Sikhs, which he also specializes in making.

The handle of this knife is where you’re going to see that influence most apparently in the unusual curve towards the butt. This in combination with the finger indents makes for an extremely ergonomic, comfortable hold, with the G10 scales providing a good sense of grip. There’s a pretty pronounced choil and a very healthy thumb ramp present to allow for more precise cutting.

Blade is deployed via the ubiquitous Spyderco thumb hole, and it’s a very smooth action. Once extended it’s held securely in place via the Walker LinerLock mechanism. Blade is just under 3″ long and made of VG-10 stainless steel. When closed down it can be used for self defense as a non-lethal impact device.

The reversible pocket clip slides on smoothly and holds tightly, enabling a confident tip-down carry.

Overall, Spyderco’s C40GP Jot Singh Khalsa is a comfortable, durable folder with a little Sikh flair. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our full inventory, visit