Today on Spotlight Series we’re going to check out this year’s new Native 5 model from Spyderco. The Native 5 has proven to be one of the staples of Spyderco’s selection of American-made knives, so let’s see how this one stands up.

First thing you’ll notice is the striking dark blue color of the FRN handle. This is full FRN with no liners, making for a super lightweight build at just under two and a half ounces. Despite this lightweight construction the knife still feels substantial in the hand. Grip is amplified by the bi-directional texturing here, and the hearty choil and ample jimping enable a precise, confident style of handling.

The handle has four sets of threaded inserts which allow for four-way positioning of the pocket clip. The clip itself slides on easily and holds tightly for a comfortable, secure carry. The butt of the knife also sports a healthy lanyard hole, so there are a lot of customization options with this model.

One of the other exciting things about this year’s version is the use of S110V stainless steel, as opposed to the S35VN of models past. S110V is the premium steel Spyderco has started to use in models like the Manix 2 and Paramilitary 2. Blade deployment via the Spyderco round hole is as smooth and satisfying as you’ve come to expect from the brand. The blade is the typical spear point shape with a flat grind and satin finish, held in place by the requisite lockback mechanism.

With an incredibly lightweight frame and top-quality steel, the new Native 5 is a worthy addition to the beloved American-manufactured line of folders. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit