This week on Spotlight Series we’re looking at a pair of new Spyderco folders that just came in. When put next to each other our two selections, the Lil’ Lum and the Pattada, could hardly be more different, but they both share Spyderco’s expert craftsmanship and elegant styling.

The late Bob Lum was a custom knifemaker whose specialty lied in adapting classic Asian blade styles into modern knives. One of his most popular collaborations with Spyderco was the Lum Chinese folder, based on the classic Shilin Cutter folding knife. This new model, the Lil’ Lum, brings back that design in a more pocket-size profile than its predecessors. The Lil’ Lum was manufactured in Seki Japan, boasting a VG-10 stainless steel blade and textured G10 handle scales over stainless steel liners. The pocket clip, also stainless steel, is reversible for left or right side tip-up carry.

Despite the diminutive size, the Lil’ Lum offers a really comfortable hand feel thanks to the extremely curved shape of the handle. There’s some nice chamfering along the top of the blade, letting you comfortably rest your thumb anywhere you want, which contributes to a nice overall sense of control. Blade deployment via the Spyderco round hole is as smooth as you’ve come to expect from the brand, but too stiff to flick open with any speed. The blade is 2.38″ inches long with a flat grind and a cutting edge a little under two and a quarter inches. The leaf shape gives you a good bit of belly for some nice cutting power.

Our second knife is an all-new Italian-made model, from Spyderco’s series of knives inspired by popular international styles. This knife, the Pattada, is based on the traditional folding knife of Sardinia, the largest island in the Mediterranean. The long, slender design and distinctive blade shape recall the regional styling while putting a Spyderco twist on it. The G10 handle scales have been 3D machined for a smooth, slick finish. The handle is built over stainless steel liners, and the gentle curve and indent near the back make this extremely comfortable in either a forward or reverse grip. With a 4.77″ length, this is a perfect handle for folks with larger hands.

Action on this one is much snappier than the Lil’ Lum, making it great for a quick middle finger deployment. Blade is manufactured from N690Co stainless steel, coming in just a hair under 4″ and sporting a full flat grind. Like the Lum, this blade is locked in place with a stainless steel liner lock.

Living on opposite ends of the spectrum, these two knives ably demonstrate the wide range of products Spyderco is putting out, and both would be a welcome addition to any knife collection. To learn more about these knives, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit