Spyderco Mehr K2 and Slysz Bowie

It’s commonplace nowadays for manufacturers to work with custom designers for “collaborations”, which are really just production versions of their successful custom knife designs. The wait is finally over for the Farid Mehr K2 and Marcin Slysz Bowie, knives introduced earlier this year at the Amsterdam Meet. These similar looking, yet drastically different knives are absolutely fantastic. Their full Titanium handles utilize Chris Reeve Integral frame locks and have a nice anodized feeling providing adequate grip. The blades are about the same shape but that’s where the similarities end. The K2 is a whopping 10″ overall with a non-movable hourglass pocket clip. It features CPM-S10V steel, which may just be the next wonder-steel. The Slysz Bowie is a much more manageable 7.8″ overall with CTS-XHP stainless steel and my absolute favorite Spyderco wire clip. Quality is absolutely superb on both of these knives, now you just have to decide how big is too big for you! www.knifecenter.com