Spyderco Military with S90V Steel Blades
Spyderco Knives Military with CPM S90V Steel Blade
Spyderco has done it again. No other company is as customer centric as to offer their models with so many options. They are offering their full sized Military model with CPM S90V steel– a real rare offering in the knife industry. This is a very hard steel with great edge holding qualities. Also on this model are the textured carbon fiber handles they also offered on the Military with BG42 steel blades.
Here is some more information on this knife:
About the Military model:
A cornerstone in Spyderco’s Save and Serve line up, the Military Model came about after someone asked Spyderco’s owner Sal Glesser, “If your son was going into the military what folding knife would you send him with?” For certain, it had to meet the requirements of a high-performance, light-weight folder designed for hard use.
This short run (limited availability) version has a textured Carbon Fiber handle and S90V stainless steel blade.
Texturing above the hole holds the thumb in contact with the blade’s spine during cutting for confident control over the sharpened edge. The blade locks via the liner nested (inlayed) directly into the scale, pumping up lock strength without the addition of bulky liners. Spacers between the scales create a gap running the handle’s full length exposing the inside workings for inspection and cleaning. The handle flares slightly at the front end creating a finger choil and at the butt end, which keeps the knife from slipping forward or backward in the hand while sawing or making tough or aggressive cuts. A contoured black metal clip is set for right-hand tip-down carry.
length overall 9 1/2″ (241 mm)
blade length 4″ (102 mm)
blade steel S90V
length closed 5 1/2″ (139 mm)
cutting edge 3 11/16″ (94 mm)
weight 4.2 oz (120 g)
hole diameter 9/16″ (14 mm)
blade thickness 5/32″ (4 mm)
handle material Carbon Fiber
Clip Stainless steel/black

About CPM S90V Stainless Steel:
CPM S90V is a unique tool steel made by the Crucible Particle Metallurgy process. It is a martensitic stainless steel to which vanadium and carbon have been added for exceptionally good wear resistance. CPM S90V offers substantial improvements in wear resistance over 440C and D2, and other high chromium steels, with corrosion resistance equal to or better than 440C. CPM S90V’s high vanadium content favors the formation of hard vanadium carbides instead of chromium carbides for wear resistance, leaving more free chromium available to provide corrosion resistance.
The wear and corrosion resistance of CPM S90V make it an excellent candidate to replace 440C, where increased wear is a primary concern. It can replace D2 or other tool steels in applications where improved corrosion resistance is also of benefit.
The CPM process results in a finer, more uniform carbide distribution imparting improved toughness and grindability to high alloy steels. The CPM process also allows the design of more highly alloyed grades which cannot beproduced by conventional steelmaking.
Made in Colorado, USA