SVORD Peasant Knives from New Zealand
Svord knives of New Zealand produces a wide variety of custom and production knives. So far, we only have access to these great Peasant Knives. These are made to compete with Opinel Knives in that they are very inexpensive and have crude, carbon steel blades. These are larger than Opinels, though, and the design in ingenious. The blade has a long tang extending from the end and so, when it is closed, this tang extends out and is used as a lever to open it. While open, the tang gets tucked into the handle and the pressure of holding the knife keeps it open. It is simple and effective and the steel is good quality that will take an edge easily and hold that edge. A great work- or peasant, knife.
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Here is the information from the manufacturer:

Not just any old knife, but the B.W. Baker Peasant Knife. Such an old concept that it’s new; so new that it’s old. B.W. Baker, Master Cutler, felt that the idea of creating his latest knife range was calling to him from the past. Using old fashioned methods and relying on the oldest low-tech methods, Svord proudly present their Peasant Knife. What does it do? Well, it cuts. Sure, there are knives around today that sprout scissors, sawblades, an entire motor mechanic’s tool kit, laser beams and micro cell phones. Such knives have lost the very reason for their existence – that’s high-tech for you. If you want a knife, a knife to cut things with, the Svord Peasant Knife is for you.

If you’ve got style, you’ve got the class to be a first-rate peasant. Peasants are proud. Who actually did anything in history? Royalty? Nobility? Leaders? No way. We peasants carried the can for centuries. We also carried Peasant Knives too. The B.W. Baker Peasant Knife, from the days when peasants had pockets, but no money to fill them. Just the knife. The B.W. Baker Peasant Knife is based on models used in Bohemia and Bavaria 3 – 400 years ago. It’s easy to use, easy to carry and to open. But it’s awfully hard to put down. You can open it one-handed. Hang it from your belt or whisk from your pocket by its handy tang. Beautifully simple, but crafted by Svord from the finest steel, hardened and tempered to a secret formula. All peasants know value when they see it. Beware of imitations!

Peasant Knife fun. Tap it open – snap it shut- click it, flick it. Whittle the hours away. Pare your nails. Sharpen your writing stick. Free hostages…. Every hovel should have one (or more!) Remember: “Peasants rule, and your knife’s your tool”. The ultimate exclusive possession – your B.W. Baker Peasant Knife. Older than yesterday, but fascinatingly later than tomorrow. Svord, by appointment to peasants of the world, from executives to errand boys.


* Blade Length: 3″
* Overall Length: 8-1/4″
* Blade Material: Hardened and tempered high carbon tool steel blade
* Handle Material: Black synthetic handles

* No Clip
* Sheath sold separately, available here
* Made in New Zealand