This week on Spotlight Series we’re taking a look at a new line of Swiss Knives from SWIZA. SWIZA is a Swiss company that has been manufacturing watches and luggage for over one hundred years, but this is the first time they’ve dipped a toe into the knife market. For being their first time out this is a really solid knife, representing one of the first radical reinventions of the Swiss-style Knife in some time.

What most differentiates this from something like say a Victorinox is the handle. It’s got a subtle, ergonomic curve and soft-grip rubber handle scales that make for a really comfortable hold when you’re using the knife. The knife is really easy to draw using the thumb hole, and it’s very nearly 3″ long, so this is all in all a nice blade for your everyday cutting tasks. The other cool feature with regard to the knife is that it’s actually got a liner lock to keep it in place, which you deactivate by pressing in on the Swiss Cross.

There are four different versions of this model available, each with a different tool-set. As a base, all four of them include the knife, as well as an awl or punch, and a pair of stainless steel tweezers. You can get this base model with your choice of corkscrew or Philips head screwdriver on the back. The next one up throws in a can opener and bottle opener, and again you can choose whether you want one with a corkscrew or screwdriver. The tools have a hole rather than the fingernail nick, making it easy to draw them without hurting your fingers.

Each one of these different tool configurations is available in red, white, blue, or black, so there are sixteen distinct options available. With this level of customization and a really solid feature set, the SWIZA Swiss Knives are great multi-tools, and SWIZA is definitely going to be a brand to watch in the future. To learn more about these knives, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit